San Francisco's Housing Crisis in Numbers

Data on the Housing Crisis in SF:
—From the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

No-Fault Evictions:

•    The number of evictions in 2013 has surpassed evictions in 2006, the height of the real estate bubble. Total no-fault evictions are up 17% compared to 2006.
•    Between 2012 and 2013 evictions have increased by 115%
•    Ellis Act use went up 175% between 2012...

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Stop the Flip: Proposed Anti-Speculation Measure

StoptheFlipScores of community members, tenants and several lawmakers including SF Supervisors John Avalos, David Campos, Jane Kim and Eric Mar introduced a proposed measure that would curb real estate flipping.

The SF Anti-Displacement Coalition of which Causa Justa :: Just Cause is a member in a "Stop the Flip" action on the steps of SF City Hall, announced that the...

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West Oakland Specific Plan is NO Plan For Us






The West Oakland Specific Plan (W.O.S.P.) is a zoning plan that is an example of development WITH displacement. It makes no effort to mitigate the impacts of gentrification and instead opens up the neighborhood even more for investment opportunities. There are even parts of the plan that specifically state that displacement will occur and that West...

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SF Due Process For All Ordinance is strengthened — SF Ends All Unconstitutional ICE Holds

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi announced yesterday (May 29) that the county jail would  stop responding to unconstitutional ICE hold requests altogether. His announcement comes in the wake of a major federal court decision that has spurred more than 70 counties in several states to completely end the unconstitutional practice of holding immigrants in jail for extra time solely for...

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The battle of 16th and Mission: Inside the campaign to “clean up” the plaza and build luxury housing

By Julia Carrie Wong/48 Hills

MARCH 18, 2014 — Laura Guzman, the director of  homeless services for Mission Neighborhood Health Center, had the question that was on everybody’s mind at a recent protest at the 16th and Mission BART plaza. “Who,” she asked, “is Clean up the Plaza?”

More than 100 San Franciscans, including members of Mission-based organizations like Causa...

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Victory at SRO Hotel in the Mission District

The Grand Southern Hotel has some of the worst conditions out of all of the SRO (Single Room Occupancy) hotels in the Mission district. The hotel is home to many immigrant families with children. Tenants say they have been dealing with constant harassment by manager Luis Rivera and landlord Musa Salem and his family.

Working alongside the Mission SRO Collaborative (MSROC)

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There's room for a $15 minimum wage in S.F.'s new economy

Vanessa Moses and Josué Arguelles 
Published in SF Gate, Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It's been 10 years since San Francisco raised its minimum wage to the highest in the country. Today, we find ourselves in a new economy. Yet day laborers, domestic workers and restaurant and retail workers face the same struggles as in 2004. Despite San Francisco's affluence, workers are...

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Alameda County Halts ICE Holds

Immig_stopdeportationsThe backlash against the draconian and inhumane administration of disastrous federal deportation policies is growing.

In a complete turnaround, Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern announced last week (May 21) that he would stop holding people in jail for extra time under unconstitutional and unjust immigration "hold" requests. 

Before the announcement, any immigrant in Alameda County could be apprehended, held, and...

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Community Education Forum on Market-Rate Monster Development Proposed for SF 16th St. BART Plaza


Demands Escalate to Stop Current Project Proposal and for a Safe and Vibrant Plaza that Serves Existing Community

WHAT:  “We Cannot Afford This In Our Neighborhood//No Podemos Permitir Esto en Nuestra Comunidad”:  Multi-Lingual community forum at the Victoria Theater regarding the proposed development of 350 market-rate units at 16th St. Bart Plaza. Organized by Plaza 16 Coalition.
WHEN: Thursday May 15th,

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Unity is POWER/¡Unidad es POWER!



 On a day when millions of workers across the world will take to the streets marching in unity and solidarity, we are proud to announce that after more than a decade of partnership, camaraderie, and mutual development, POWER and Causa Justa :: Just Cause will officially be joining forces!

Together POWER and CJJC bring decades of experience fighting...

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 We calling on our supporters to inform you all of a dangerous bill in the California State Assembly that will be going to the Judiciary Committee TOMORROW Tuesday, April 29. It's AB 1513: you can read a brief FAQ here:

If passed, this bill would make it legal for realtors to use local police (or private police forces) to evict people WITHOUT going through the courts!  

To demonstrate your opposition, we're asking for you to URGENTLY do 2 things:

1.  Call the Judiciary Committee (List here) and ask them to "oppose" this bill when it comes before them tomorrow, and 

2.  Sign the petition 

Also, there's a facebook group (click here) you can join, and here's a recent article that you can check out on the bill:

For more information about this bill go to the website, - a statewide coalition working to stop the cops from evicting us. They are organizing a mobilization up in Sacramento TOMORROW, Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - to attend the Judiciary committee.  If you're in Northern California, you can join them.   All the information is on the website.

Thank you for taking action to protect our rights, let's stop the cops from being evictors!

Mission Tenant Victory in Attempted Ellis Act Eviction

ana_gutierrez_victory_03_27_2014We’re excited about a big win and want to share the news with you ~ tenant Ana Gutierrez who came to CJJC for help after a new landlord filed an Ellis Act will now be able to remain in her Mission district apartment for two more years! Ana has advice for others fighting to remain in their homes: “Keep fighting. No one can help you if you don’t help yourself. CJJC held me up and didn’t let me buckle. Now [with the new agreement] I’m more peaceful and can finally sleep through the night instead of waking up every 2-3 hours wondering what’s going to happen.”

Ana has lived in her Mission district flat for 35 years and raised all her children there. In 2011 Xiuguha Lian, who currently lives in China, bought the property but gave her brother Baochong Liang power of attorney to prosecute Ellis Act evictions against Ana and other tenants in the building after they complained about efforts to illegally charge them higher rents.

Recently Ana, the other tenants and the landlord came to an agreement negotiated by the Tenderloin Housing Clinic attorney. Liang will not reattempt an Ellis Act or re-file for the next two years. Says Maria Zamudio of CJJC, “We know legal battles are hard and long which is why it’s so important for folks to stay organized and connect with other tenants going through the same thing. We’re inspired by Ana’s victory and hope it inspires other tenants as well.”

Attorney Raquel Fox of the Tenderloin Housing ClinicFox was thrilled over the settlement, which prevents the owner or successors from issuing a new Ellis notice until March 2016. She noted, “This case again shows the importance of tenants fighting against their evictions, and of vigorously litigating these cases. Many people think that tenants have no defenses to Ellis evictions, and the story of Lucky Street will hopefully convince people otherwise. ana_gutierrez_victory_arm_raised

The Struggle for the Flatlands: How Oakland Can Fight Gentrification

By Maria Poblet -- April 22


OAKLAND--Behind a chain link fence on 35th Ave, the man who gardens every day for other people grows his own roses, gathered around a statue of the Virgen de Guadalupe. Off 98th Ave, backyard barbeques are legendary, as is the young cousin who always wins the battles of wits and words that break out after the hot links are finished. The elders on 8th Street trace smooth Tai-Chi flows into the crisp dawn air, pivoting on one heel to turn towards the sunrise. These are the flatlands of Oakland. These are the places we call home and they are now at great risk.

In the space of only a couple of years, the Oakland flatlands went from being the epicenter of the foreclosure crisis, losing tens of thousands of long-time Black and Latino residents welcoming a wave of corporate investment that will not only fill the gap left by those who were pushed out, but reshape working class neighborhoods in Oakland, and transform the city as a whole.

Corporate investors are ahead of the game. They have descended on Oakland and snatched up a shocking 42% of homes lost to foreclosure, 93% of which are in the flatlands . And finance capital is creating the conditions for a growing bubble in the housing market — rent securitization, a way for investors to trade on rents the way they did on mortgages . They will profit from the new renters created by the foreclosure crisis, and from an entire new class of people coming into redeveloped neighborhoods, attracted by highly paid tech jobs in the region.

"An individual approach to the gentrification crisis will not work. It will only reinforce our isolation, turning us from families and communities into consumers of housing, convinced that gentrification is natural, displacement is inevitable, and the best we can each do is try to save our own skin."

Proclaiming that "a rising tide lifts all boats" even city officials who identify as progressive have embraced and facilitated this ruthless brand of corporate investment, anxious to bring revenue in, without enough consideration of the impacts those investments will have on neighborhoods vulnerable to the dynamics of gentrification.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan recently unveiled a new project — 10,000 new units of housing aimed explicitly at housing tech workers priced out of San Francisco. This is Oakland's second "10k Plan". Mayor Jerry Brown (1999-2007) implemented the first in the early 2000s. It ushered in the first wave of widely criticized gentrification in Oakland, and reshaped the area spanning Old Oakland, Chinatown, and downtown, that developers renamed "Uptown."

The second 10k plan stretches into adjacent areas like North Oakland, and the light industrial zone between downtown and East Oakland. The plan's vague promise of "up to 25% affordable units" is inadequate to address the urgent and overdue needs of the neighborhoods that are being targeted for this development.

In North Oakland, for example, 40% of residents are under the poverty line. New...

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Gentrification Report Launch

Gentrification Typology
What: Release and Celebration of Development without Displacement Report
When: Monday, April 7th, 5:30pm
Where: Fruitvale Senior Center, 3301 E.12th street, suite 201, at Fruitvale BART

"Development Without Displacement: Resisting Gentrification"-buy your report online at

Use the report as a tool to stop gentrification in your neighborhood!
•    Learn which neighborhoods in the Bay Area are vulnerable or at risk to gentrification;
•    Use policy recommendations designed to support organizers and advocates in identifying appropriate   solutions for their communities;
•    Learn organizing strategies that will help bring this vision to light;
•    Understand how gentrification works and what you can do in your own neighborhood;
•    Learn about the stories of real people impacted by gentrification and displacement and their fights to stay in their communities.

"I think it’s important to defend yourself and stay strong, because it’s difficult to move around especially when there are not enough economic resources. Now, the rent is really high and one has to earn at least $5,000, which is nearly impossible. Protections have supported me immensely because my economic situation has changed very much and knowing my rights and how to defend myself and how
to be stable in one place has supported me very much.”    
— Beatriz Mendez, CJJC Member

"This report shows that there are many reasonable policies at the local and regional levels that can help hold back the tide of gentrification and modify the worst effects of urban transformation."
---Dr. Richard Walker, Professor Emeritus of Geography, University of California, Berkeley

Buy the report now!