Fault Lines Documentary "For Sale: The American Dream"

CJJC is one of several housing organizations featured in a documentary on housing by Fault Lines, produced by Anjali Kamat, and airing on Al Jazeera English this week at 6:30pm ET.  Faultlines Doc "For Sale: The American Dream." She also wrote about it on Huffington Post.  The documentary includes some of our members and housing counselors.

It is especially timely considering CJJC, as part of the Right to the City Alliance is taking part in a national campaign called "Fannie/Freddie99." The march will be led by families directly affected by Fannie and Freddie's foreclosure policies. In California, the campaign kicks off at the Right to the City Member Congress in Los Angeles on September 10 and 11.

Check out some of the stories of people who have been affected by the policies of Fannie & Freddie in service of the 1%, here http://wearethefanniefreddie99.tumblr.com/

Our coordinated national campaign is due to Fannie and Freddie’s influence over the entire banking and financial system and control over half of all mortgages in the country. In California, they are the investor/guarantor on 60% of home loans in California.

If you'd like to see "For Sale: The American Dream" Here's the link!


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Full Credits:

Presenter: Josh Rushing
Producer: Anjali Kamat
Assistant Producer: Joel Van Haren
Camera: Singeli Agnew
Additional Camera: Matt Bockelman
Editors: Leslie Atkins, Warwick Meade
Executive Producer: Mathieu Skene
Additional Production Assistance: Amina Waheed, Ryan Loughlin