Immigrant Rights Campaign

IRC_2PhotoCMOur Immigrant Rights campaign work is a vital part of our organization’s work. Our focus is on grassroots organizing and leadership development of Latino immigrants to fight for and advance our rights. We do this through our immigrant rights campaign committee —  the body that decides on and advances the local policy fights we take on, through our alliance building and coalition work, as well as through leadership development of committee leaders. This grows our work, their leadership and power. Our policy fights at the city, county, state and national level have advanced the rights of immigrants as well as fought back against the ongoing criminalization of immigrants and entanglement of the criminal justice and immigration systems.

Rights Based Services

Another key area of our work is our Rights Based Services in which we focus on education and outreach to communities throughout Alameda and San Francisco counties. We work with schools, community centers and in multi-unit buildings to inform people of their rights and support them in being able to exercise them. Some of the workshops we offer include:


  • Know Your Rights When:
  • Encountering law enforcement
  • Applying for an AB60 california driver’s license
  • Applying for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)
  • Applying for DAPA (Deferred Action for Parental Arrivals)
  • Exercising your rights as a tenant



Over the years our work alongside our allies has made possible groundbreaking victories. We have been successful in advancing our struggle for immigrant justice significantly at the national, state and local levels.

  • In 2014, we were successful in permanently ending S-comm in Alameda and San Francisco county jails.
  • In 2008, we ended the fast track deportation of undocumented youth by making sure San Francisco ended its juvenile justice collaborating and turning over youth to ICE post adjudication.
  • In 2013, after a three-year campaign, we successfully passed the Trust Act in California, setting the baseline for how counties could disentangle their jails and law enforcement from S-comm.
  • In 2008, we secured the end to the practice of car impoundment of people driving without a license by the San Francisco police department, and ensuring they would allow for someone to assist in picking the car up and not imposing a mandatory 30-day hold as they used to do.
  • In 2007, we were successful in securing the first city ID in San Francisco, making it possible for all people to have an ID stating their residence of that city and county irrespective of immigration status


Informed. Prepared. Engaged.

President Obama’s executive action on administrative relief left an approximately 7 million people out while also starting a new Priorities Enforcement Program that we are calling PEP-Comm. This year, our Immigrant Rights Campaign will focus on our rights based services, leadership development work and continuing the fight to end the deportations by disentangling local law enforcement from ICE. This focus we hope will ensure that with the new changes in California law regarding drivers licenses as well as with the expansion of DAPA and DACA, our communities are both informed, prepared and engaged in the fight to advance the rights that are still needed and to end PEP-Comm in our communities.

Usted Tiene Derechos | You Have Rights

 Lista de contenido // List of contents Tiene el derecho de permanecer en silencio // You have the right to remain silent ICE viene a su hogar // ICE comes to your home Hay una redada // There is a raid Si esta manejando // If you are driving Siente que sus derechos fueron violados […]


SF City Supervisors Defend Undocumented Cancer Survivor By Maria Poblet In late May, an incident at San Francisco City Hall showcased both the worst – and the best – of the immigration debate. That day, scores of undocumented community leaders were supporting “Due Process“ legislation to keep law enforcement out of painful deportations. With the […]

SF Due Process For All Ordinance is strengthened — SF Ends All Unconstitutional ICE Holds

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi announced yesterday (May 29) that the county jail would  stop responding to unconstitutional ICE hold requests altogether. His announcement comes in the wake of a major federal court decision that has spurred more than 70 counties in several states to completely end the unconstitutional practice of holding immigrants in jail […]

Alameda County Halts ICE Holds

The backlash against the draconian and inhumane administration of disastrous federal deportation policies is growing. In a complete turnaround, Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern announced last week (May 21) that he would stop holding people in jail for extra time under unconstitutional and unjust immigration “hold” requests.  Before the announcement, any immigrant in Alameda County […]

Historic Vote for Due Process For All

Photo: Ryan Campbell Tireless organizing and community presence helped fuel the Due Process for All ordinance approved today by the SF Board of Supervisors and introduced on July 23 by Supervisor John Avalos, with the co-sponsorship of seven other members of the Board. Organizers and advocates were successful in limiting the harmful impact of carve […]

Due Process for all moves forward! Join us this Tuesday for a Historic vote!

Join us at the first vote of the Due Process for All ordinance by the full Board of Supervisors meeting this Tuesday September 24th @ 1:30 pm @ City Hall Room #250 (vote from last week was delayed) Background: As a result of all the powerful organizing, advocacy, and movement-building work our SF communities have […]

Due Process for All Ordinance Delayed at SF Board of Supervisors

 Despite tireless organizing and community presence that packed the main hearing room as well the “over-flow” room, the San Francisco Detainer Policy was unfortunately not able to have its first hearing before the Board of Supervisors Tuesday, Sept. 17. Organizers and advocates were successful in limiting the harmful impact of carve outs on community […]

Due Process Push: Call Your Lawmakers!

(espanol sique) Please us know if you can commit to making calls! The fight for the Due Process Ordinance is advancing and we are happy to let you know that the ordinance was passed at the Public Safety Committee with a unanimous vote this Thursday Sep 5th! It will now go to the full board […]

Due Process Ordinance Passes First Hurdle

San Francisco – September 5, the SF Board of Supervisors’ Neighborhood Services and Safety Committee approved the broadly-supported Due Process ordinance by Sup. John Avalos (D-11) to end the city’s response to burdensome and likely unconstitutional immigration hold requests from federal authorities. The proposed bill now heads to the full board later this month. The room was packed […]

“Due Process for All” Children’s March; Public Hearing

(espanol sique) SAVE THE DATE: Join us Thursday, September 5 for two actions in the fight for the “Due Process for All” Ordinance to protect immigrant communities in San Francisco.   The SF Immigrant Rights Defense Committee’s proposed legislation (lead sponsor Supervisor John Avalos) would prohibit SF law enforcement from honoring ICE hold requests. Devastation […]