Our organization seeks to build a vibrant and diverse base of financial support that includes hundreds and thousands of individuals. Our grassroots fundraising efforts encompass everything from major events to day-to-day collection of dues and donations from our membership. 2010 was the first year that we had a staff member dedicated to working on grassroots fundraising and we have begun to build our capacity to make grassroots funds a major component of our support on an annual basis.

In 2010, we:

  • Held the 25th Anniversary of our San Francisco office, Regeneración, at the famous Salsa Supper Club, Roccapulco. Over 400 people attended and we raised $25,000.
  • Raised $15,000 through 35 participants in the Oakland Marathon, running to support CJJC.
  • All told, raised $100,000 from individual donors through our Unity Fund, a special campaign dedicated to raising funds to support our merger.
  • Stepped up member involvement in dues collection and event planning and laid the groundwork for a solid member fundraising committee.