After planning and strategizing for several years about bringing together Just Cause Oakland and St. Peter’s Housing Committee to form one organization, our dream came true in 2010. We finalized our merger and became Causa Justa :: Just Cause as of January 1. By forming one organization on both sides of the Bay, we created not only a much larger, more powerful organization, but also a whole new range of infrastructure needs. We jumped at the opportunity and took some major steps to increase our capacity.

In 2010, we:

  • Developed an entirely new identity, logo, name, t-shirts, website and stationary. After bringing our organization through a planning process to approve our new name, we worked with designers to help us launch our new identity in a strategic and aesthetically pleasing fashion.
  • Moved offices in San Francisco to Plaza Adelante, an exciting new hub of Mission District non-profits. Now we have three offices – Mission District, West Oakland and East Oakland.
  • Set up an online database for the whole organization to access and organize with – Powerbase, developed by the Progressive Technology Project – that tracks member participation, donations, email subscriptions and press contacts.
  • Upgraded our phone system, file server, accounting system, you name it, we are now 2.0!