Key Hearing on Calle 24 Latino Cultural District

Calle 24 will present its special use district legislation for commercial regulations in the Latino Cultural District to the SF Planning Commission on Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017

These regulations have been in the works for nearly two years and will help:

  • Stabilize the Latino Cultural District
  • Preserve our small store fronts
  • Stabilize rents
  • Protect our food retail mix
  • Encourage neighborhood serving business

Groups who wish to “open” 24th Street and the entire Mission District to full gentrification and displacement are organizing to stop these very sensible regulations that were developed out of years of community input and process. It’s very important that that those of us who value the culture and community of the Mission show up in force at the hearing to support the special use district legislation.

This is an crucial moment for Mission District community solidarity. See you Thursday!
Can’t make it to City Hall on Thursday?
Here’s how you can help:

Please send a quick email to the Planning Commissioners. Copy and paste these email addresses:,,,,,,

and please cc:

Here’s some text you can copy/paste and adapt with your own words:

Dear Commissioners,

Please support the special use district for the Calle 24 Latino Cultural District.  We must  protect our small business and the Latino Cultural District. These are very sensible regulations that were developed out of years of community input and process.

This will protect our businesses that been here for decades and are anchors of this community
This will help stabilize commercial rents
This designation will help maintain and preserve small, more affordable retail spaces
Will help maintain a healthy retail and food mix
Will encourage more neighborhood serving businesses to open
Will help ensure that everyone can purchase goods and services locally and at reasonable prices
Preserving our businesses is part of the culture that we need to protect
Will build community among our local merchants and residents
Will encourage local hiring