Almost Halloween and Here’s 4 Super Scary Reasons to Vote Against These Measures + SF Rising Voter Guide

First they came for our homes.....

First they came for our homes…..



SF Anti-Displacement Coalition and the Coalition on Homelessness is having a large action  Thursday, Nov. 3 at 6PM,  24th St.& Mission, SF,  to bring attention to thvoterguide_sf_esp_e four terrible measures in San Francisco which are F, P, U,Q & R.  The action beings at 6PM @24th St & Mission in SF

This the FB event, please RSVP. The action will include a march, and an art installation and performances.  It’s really close to Halloween because these measures are super scary!!
Info on the propositions and why they are so bad.

•    P: Changes the bidding rules for affordable housing projects opening it up to market-rate developers and creating a lowest bid wins system. If passed we could see affordable housing project built by for-profit developers in the cheapest way possible. We know the affordable housing development process is not perfect but this change would be make things much worse. No No and NO!
•    U: Changes the affordability requirements on Below Market-Rate Units in private development to a higher AMI%. The BMR requirements were increased from 12% to 25% in the June elections and now private developers are trying to change the rules so that they can still make a ton of money. Both P and U are real estate backed measures. Tell me it’s not true!
•    Q: Bans tents on sidewalks, does NOT create any alternative or support system for folks living in tents on the street, just makes it illegal so sweeps can happen and people can be further marginalized and criminalized. Scary.
•   R: It would increase the presence of police officers in neighborhoods where 911 calls have increased. More criminalization in our rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods. Boo! Like a horror movie.