Action Update: The 99% turned out & shutdown Oakland foreclosure auctions!

Today, March 8th, on International’s Women’s Day, hundreds of people came out in support of CJJC Oakland Homeowner Clinic Coordinator, Nell Myhand and her partner Synthia Green’s fight with Chase Bank to stay in their home.

Global Women’s Strike, Mujeres Unidas y Activas , POWER, the Domestic Workers Alliance, Boots Riley, Commemoration Committee of the Black Panther Party, Every Mother is a Working Mother, Haiti Action Committee, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, , No2 HousingCrime, US PROStitutes Collective, Queer Strike, Sister Circle, activists in Occupy Oakland, friends & others cheered, chanted and chased down investors, letting them know that Nell and Synthia’s home was not for sale.

CJJC members and others families directly impacted by foreclosure shared their stories and demanded an immediate moratorium on evictions.


Next week is a national week of action against foreclosure and will kick off Monday with Occupy The Crime Scene actions all throughout California. The recent foreclosure audit released by SF county assessor Phil Ting revealed that 84% of SF foreclosures have at least one legal flaw in their filings.  In light of this finding, people throughout the state of California are occupying county assessor – recorder’s offices to demand an audit and call for a moratorium on foreclosure until such audits are complete.

At 1:15pm today, the auctioneers announced that ALL the sales were postponed. This is a small victory in the battle for Nell and Synthia’s home and a shining example of women of color leading the struggle for housing justice!

The fight is not over! We need everyone who came out today, to call CHASE:

For their West Coast operations, call Peter Barker at (310) 860-7210

For CHASE CEO Jamie Dimon, call: (212) 270 -0121

When you call, tell him (or leave a message with their assistants) to
“Stop the Sale of Martha Nell Myhand and Synthia Green’s home at 1329 E 32nd St., Oakland 94602 Loan #1996439003.”

Thanks for all of your support and calls, a special thanks to Right to the City for putting this out across the nation and to Global Women’s Strike for putting this out across the globe!  We are united in our fight for the right to stay and this is the year that NO ONE LEAVES!