Ana Segovia

Ana Segovia, member

Ana Segovia, member

I came to Causa Justa because I was having problems with the manager of the apartment where I lived going on 23 years. I moved there in 1993 and the owner wanted to make new rules.

I called Causa Justa and went and had interview with *Doña Myriam, a counselor there. She took care of this, she helped me with everything I needed and so out of that, grew a great love for Causa Justa. Since then I’ve been a member. I like the organization because its just not about housing but many different things that you open your eyes. I value all this. In the meetings I learn so much, how to fight for your rights as a woman, as an immigrant, as a tenant. We all have to unite and fight so we can move forward.

I also participate in the immigrant rights marches and help them with the injustices they’ve endured. I too, was an immigrant when I came to this country and I suffered — but not so much like people who come here now. It costs so much more to get here. People pay $7,000, $8,000, I’ve heard up to $9,000. And they pass through Mexico where the people mistreat immigrants who aren’t Mexicanos, those who are from Central America

The other purposes for getting involved in housing and immigration issues is I was a woman who suffered when I got to this country. I worked in hotels for years, cleaned houses, babysat, and even at this age I continue to work, although, not like before. Causa Justa helps people and I deeply appreciate the organization