By the time we get to Arizona

fromoaklandtoarizonaYou may have heard that on May 29th, thousands of concerned people will be converging on Phoenix, Arizona to voice their outrage and protest of SB 1070, the racist, anti-immigrant law passed in that state last month. Local organizers have put out the call for people of conscience to come to the mass protest on May 29th, and Causa Justa has decided to make the trip. Why?

• SB 1070 represents the latest in a rising trend of far-right, white supremacist attacks that are plaguing this country. Already, right-wing legislators around the country are creating copycat legislation and we need to show that we will not tolerate the passage of laws like SB 1070 in Arizona, or anywhere else.

• As an organization of primarily African-American and Latino people here in the Bay Area, we feel that it is crucial to demonstrate solidarity between communities of color when one or the other is attacked. Both African-Americans and Latinos usually get targeted when the economy is suffering. Only by standing side by side when these attacks are coming down, can we defeat them. That is why we are sending African-Americans and Latinos from our organization to Arizona. We want to demonstrate this solidarity in person!  

Help us go

 In order to send our 12-person delegation, Causa Justa needs some fundraising support. We have raised about $800 towards the trip from generous individuals and our national networks, but we need another $400 to cover the costs. Can you make a donation? If 10 of you donate $40 each, we are there! Go to to donate.

Can you come to Arizona?

The call is out. Community leaders in Arizona are requesting that you come to Phoenix this weekend. Can you make it?

Do you need help with transportation? Ramses from Community Housing Partnership and SEIU has agreed to coordinate transportation. Please contact him at or 415.948.1093

Do you need a place to stay? A local Phoenix organization, Puente, is coordinating solidarity housing. Please complete their form here.

If you are still sitting on the fence, watch this video invitation to Phoenix and make your move!

Stand up in the Bay
Even if you are not travelling to Phoenix, you can protest against SB 1070.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are coming to San Francisco and we in the Bay Area can
send a message to Arizona’s lawmakers by protesting the baseball team. Join the May Day 2010 Coalition and CJJC to protest the Diamondbacks on May 29th.  

March & Rally
Date:  Saturday, May 29th
Time:  Assemble at Embarcadero at 4:00 p.m.  March begins at 4:30 p.m.
Arrive at AT&T Park at 5:15 p.m.  Game begins at 6:05 p.m.

Why protest the Diamondbacks?  The Arizona Diamondbacks organization led
by Ken Kendricks is one of the primary funders of the Republican Party who
pushed SB1070 through legislation.  For an in-depth look at who the Diamondbacks’ owners really represent, read Dave Zirin’s article ‘No One is Illegal:  Boycott the Arizona Diamondbacks’.