Call the Board of Supervisors

EvictionProtectionsNowTODAY Before 12noon: Call and Email Supervisors URGING THEM to SUPPORT the FULL version of the Tenant Protection 2.0 with the right to have roommates!

Today, after many mobilizations, rallies, press events, and discussions, Eviction Protections 2.0 will go to the full Board of Supervisors for a vote.

The legislation has been divided into two parts — One part of the legislation includes everything including the rights of tenants regarding roommates (supported by Sup. Kim & Cohen, objected by Sup. Wiener) — However, the Second part of the legislation contains everything else WITHOUT the right of tenants having roommates.

We need you to call and email the Supervisors especially Supervisor London Breed to urge them to SUPPORT the FULL version of Tenant Protection 2.0 with the right to have roommates!

Because Tenants should not be evicted for wanting to live with their domestic partner, caretaker, relatives who are not immediate family, etc. Landlords are increasingly applying different and dangerous standards on approving changes in roommates and family living arrangements. Seniors for example, are denied the opportunity to share their apartment with a caretaker.

Tenant Protections would expand existing protections that require owners to have a reason to reject a request to add a roommate and would give tenants 10 days’ notice to resolve a request that does not receive the landlord’s permission.


Supervisor London Breed

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