Causa Justa “Unity is Power” Poster Wins Award

unity_poster.jpgWhat do you get when two communities in two cities join hands for justice? One unified poster that wins two poster contests!

Recently, Causa Justa :: Just Cause submitted our idea for a poster to the Design Action Collective and Inkworks Press inaugural People’s Poster Project. Causa Justa won with our proposal for “Unity is Power,” a poster that would represent black-brown unity in the fight for housing justice. The designers at Design Action created the poster while Inkworks Press donated 1,000 copies for us to distribute.

Then, in 2010 “Unity is Power” won the Akonadi Foundation’s 2010 Racial Justice Poster Award! Now, the Akonadi Foundation is reprinting the poster and distributing it to racial justice organizations across the country, as well as to foundations and other important allies.

In the meantime, Causa Justa members are displaying the poster in their homes and neighborhoods. With this poster we tell our cities that ¡La vivienda es del pueblo! Housing is for the people!