CJJC Helps Tenants Defend N. Oakland Home

MustafaAmyActionSept2014CJJC rolled 20 strong with members and community supporters early this morning  to demand that landlord’s John Van Eyck, Caryl Esteves, and Alfred Wong stop the evictions & harassment of our members Mustafa Solomon and Amy Ornoski in North Oakland.

MustafaAmyActionSept2014The tenants — who live in two separate units on the same property — have had to deal with such issues as having no hot water for two weeks, sending out misleading notices. and misinformation about their status as well as videotaping and late night visits. Currently Mustafa has no hot water nor a working stove.

This pattern of in-your-face harassment has now led to attempted eviction and has MustafaAmyActionSept2014caused great distress on Mustafa’s family. After receiving a 60-Day Notice by five different parties claiming authority over the property, the landlord rescinded the notice only to send another one shortly thereafter. And now the landlord has filed an Unlawful Detainer against Mustafa and his family.  MustafaAmyActionSept2014

The potential of being evicted and leaving his neighborhood, would mean having to sever the strong ties Mustafa and Amy both have with their community and neighbors.

For more information contact beverly@cjjc.org at 501-763-5877 ext 312 and chantal@cjjc.org or call 501-763-5877 ext 309