Due Process Push: Call Your Lawmakers!

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Please us know if you can commit to making calls!

The fight for the Due Process Ordinance is advancing and we are happy to let you know that the ordinance was passed at the Public Safety Committee with a unanimous vote this Thursday Sep 5th! It will now go to the full board of supervisors September 17!

We need your support to ensure that it is approved with no carve-outs! No immigrant member of our community should be denied the right to due process! The police department already has many tools to collaborate with Federal authorities, so they should not use a tool –S-Comm– that falls outside of our constitutional due process. This week we will be calling in to the Mayor’s office and Supervisor Tang’ office to encourage them to support the legislation as it is and to demand that Katy Tang do not introduce any carve-out amendments and the Mayor to support it as is!

We are also targeting Police Cheif Suhr who was the lone voice against due process at last Tuesday’s hearing. The Chief is trying to criminalize our community and he made the absurd argument that people with certain prior convictions should be deported out of San Francisco. Call the Chief and tell him we insist on equal treatment and we won’t stand for his racially charged comments.

Please help us build up the public pressure for this important ordinance!

Mayor Ed Lee’s office:  415 554-6141

Katy Tang’s office: (415) 554-7460

Chief Suhr office: 415-553-1551

Sample script:  

Hello Mayor Lee!/ Supervisor Tang/ Chief Suhr: My name is _____________ I am a San Francisco resident and I am calling you to request your support for the Due Process for All Ordinance. I am concerned that San Francisco is participating in police-ice collaboration program S-comm that makes the immigrant community at risk of deportation! I know that even victims of crimes have been put in deportation proceedings after being held in our county jails for ICE to pick them up through this program! We also don’t want to see our immigrant communities be threated as second-class citizens of this city by denying the constitutional right to Due process by being held for ICE. We want to stop all ICE holds in our city and restore due process for all.Do the right thing for our communities! Support the due process ordinance as is with no amendments!


Buenas tardes Alcalde Lee!/ Supervisora Tang/ Jefe de Policia Suhr: Mi nombre es____________soy un/ una residente de San Francisco y estoy llamando para pedir su apoyo para la Ordenanza de Proceso Debido para todos. Me preocupa que San Francisco este participando en el programa s-comm que pone a las comunidades inmigrantes en riesgo de deportación. Se que por este programa hasta victimas de delitos han sido puestas en proceso de deportación después de que nuestra policía local las detuvo para entregarlas a ICE por este programa. También no queremos ver a nuestras comunidades inmigrantes ser tratadas como ciudadanos de segunda clase cuando se les niega el derecho al proceso judicial debido al detenerlos para entregarlos a ICE. Queremos que paren todas las detenciones de ICE en nuestra ciudad y se restaure el proceso judicial debido para todos!