Dump The Banks

Dump the Banks on Valentine’s Day!


Come join CJJC and friends on Feb 14th, to let the banks know we’re dumping them.  They’ve broken our hearts, our homes and torn our families and communities apart.

Let them know that we’re done with them!

Tuesday, Feb. 14th, meet us at 12pm at Justin Herman Plaza in SF

ALSO, Meet at 2pm at City Hall for a Board of Supervisors meeting where we will demand that San Francisco break up with Wells Fargo. (sign the petition)

It’s not us ….  it’s them!

Street theater/teatro, music, and valentines for everyone to sign as well as an opportunity for folks to move their money.

Do you trust your money with a bank that will break you heart?  Of course not! 

Take your money out of Bank of America and Wells Fargo and let Wells Fargo know that we’ll be back to collect the rest of our belongings at the May shareholders’ meeting! 

For more information contact: Maria.Zamudio@cjjc.org or Robbie@cjjc.org