Election Roundup – Stunning victories and defeats




Big Money, distortions damage Prop G. 

Despite a powerful, coordinated, grassroots campaign, Proposition G, the Anti-Speculation Tax, went down at the polls in initial results. The Real Estate lobby outspent the tenant side by 12-to-1, flooding voters’ mailboxes with a dozen mailings, twisting and contorting the issue. From the beginning, it was an uphill battle, working to pass a progressive tax, explaining to people that this was a tax that no one would likely pay. And we did explain it, to thousands of voters. When we talked to voters, they switched sides, supporting a tax on speculation to stop evictions of our elders and families. But we may not have been able to reach enough people this time, as the barrage of negative messaging, paid for by the real estate lobby, saturated the turf. It was an amazing campaign, built by heroes of San Francisco’s tenant movement, new and old, all working together for a future we know we will win. Thanks to all of you for your help and support!

Initial Results for Prop G

Yes   71,008   46.01%
No    83,309    53.99%

Examiner article about Prop G here.

In other news, We Raised our Wages! Minimum wage initiatives passed on both sides of the Bay. Prop 47, a crucial Statewide initiative to reduce sentences for non-violent crimes, passed and a number of our other local endorsements prevailed. In candidate races, Libby Schaff has the lead in the Oakland Mayors race, while David Campos and David Chiu are neck in neck in the SF race for AD17, with Chiu currently ahead. Abel Guillen, who mounted a huge grassroots campaign, looks to be the victor in Oakland’s City Council District 2.

The results are still coming in, so check out Oakland results here and SF results here.

Elections are just one big day folks. They are important but now we get back to organizing and, as we all know, organizing gets the goods! Initial results to our slate card are below – keep in mind these are not final official results, so some things may still change.



Prop 47

Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act of 2014

Our endorsement: YES!

Result: YES! / Passed


Prop 2 (formerly Prop 44)

Rainy Day budget

Our endorsement: No

Result: Yes / Passed


Prop 45

Healthcare Insurance Rate Changes

Our endorsement: Yes

Result: No / Failed



Mayor of Oakland – Early results show Libby Schaff Winning

Measure FF

Oakland Minimum Wage Increase

Our Endorsement: Yes!

Result: Win!!! / Passed


Measure DD

Creating an Oakland Redistricting Commission

Our Endorsement: Yes

Result: Yes! / Passed

Measure BB

Alameda County Transportation Commission Sales Tax

Our Endorsement: Yes

Result: Yes! / Passed


Measure CC

City of Oakland Ethics Commission

Our Endorsement: Yes

Result: Yes! / Passed


Measure Z

Renewal of The Violence Prevention and Public Safety Act of 2004 (then known as Measure Y)

Our Endorsement: Yes

Result: Yes! / Passed


Measure N

Oakland Unified School District Parcel Tax

Our Endorsement: Yes

Result: Yes! / Passed




Prop G

Anti-Speculation Tax

Our Endorsement: YES!

Result: No / Failed

Prop J

Minimum Wage Increase

Our Endorsement: Yes!

Result: Yes! / Passed


Prop A

Transportation and Road Improvement (Bond)

Our Endorsement: Yes

Result: Yes! / Passed

Proposition C

City and County of San Francisco “Children and Families First” City Funds Tax

Our Endorsement: Yes

Result: Yes! / Passed

Prop K

Affordable Housing Goals

Our Endorsement: Neutral

Result:Yes / Passed