End S-Comm: Countywide Call-in Day April 22 to Alameda County Supervisors

 (poster Jesús Barraza)

Join ACUDIR on Monday, April 22nd for a COUNTYWIDE CALL-IN DAY to put an end to S-Comm (“Secure Communities”) in Alameda County. 
Call each of the following Board Members:

Keith Carson – District 5    (510) 272-6695


Nate Miley – District 4       (510) 272-6694
Scott Haggerty – District 1  (510) 272-6691
Wilma Chan – District 3     (510) 272-6693
Sample Script:

“My name is ______, I’m calling you today to urge you to do everything in your power to end “Secure Communities” or S-Comm in the County. S-Comm is separating families, denying immigrants due process and leaving our communities vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. S-Comm deepens mistrust of law enforcement and drains county resources. We urge your vote in support of the resolution to end S-Comm at this Tuesday’s hearing and ask that you continue to work with our communities to end this cruel and costly program in Alameda County. Thank you.”




En Español:


Acompañe a ACUDIR Lunes 22 de Abril llamando a los supervisores del condado pidiendo un fin al programa de S-Comm (“Comunidades Seguras”) en el condado de Alameda.

Mi nombre es _______ , le llamo hoy día para pedirle que haga todo en su poder para poner un fin al programa de “Comunidades Seguras”, o S-Comm en el condado. S-Comm separa familias, niega el proceso debido y justo a los inmigrantes y deja a nuestras comunidades vulnerables al abuso y la explotación. S-Comm profundiza la falta de confianza hacia la policía y gasta recursos del condado innecesariamente. Le pedimos que vote a favor de la resolución para poner un fin a S-Comm en la audiencia este martes y que continue trabajando con nuestras comunidades para terminar con este programa cruel y costoso en el condado de Alameda. Gracias”

2. Join us for the Board Supervisors hearing in support of the Resolution!
Join us Tuesday April 23rd at the Alameda County Board of Supervisors in Support of a resolution to Keep Families Together, Restore Due Process and Put an End to S-Comm in the County! 
Tuesday April 23rd 
Board Supervisors Hearing
1221 oak st. Oakland (5th floor)

We will gather to share food at 10:00am, will have a press conference/rally at 11am and at 12 Noon we will head inside to the 5th floor to give testimony in support of a resolution that the Board of Supervisors will be voting on calling for an end to S-Comm in the County. Join us, together we can “Keep Families Together, Restore Due Process and Put an End to S-comm in the County”!
For more information contact Cinthya@cjjc.org or call 510.318.7398
please rsvp here: Facebook invitation

3. Sign the petition!
Please take some time to sign our petition: 
Keep Families Together, Restore Due Process and Put an End to Scomm in the County!