Leaning Into Each Other During This Time of Crisis


As we work collectively to support each other during these challenging times, Causa Justa :: Just Cause is standing strong with our allies and coalitions to promote #PowerNotPanic

The nature of the public health crisis of COVID-19 brings into sharp relief the need for universal health care and solidarity that ensures every single one of us is housed and able to care for one another.

It exposes the inequalities created by our economic system, the disinvestment in public systems, the inhumane gaps and shortcomings of our public health system.


But together we can keep building our collective care and mutual aid.

We know that connection is key to safety and unified action is necessary for tackling broad scale crises. Our Black & Brown base-building work continues. We are finding new tactics that engage the leadership of our membership, while minimizing risk and countering alienation and isolation.

This is the time when we must lean into our interdependence – self-interested individualism only grows the risk for the most vulnerable populations.

Adaptations for our work

Our Rights-Based Services staff are shifting our in-person Tenant Rights counseling services to phone counseling for the next month. We are suspending Tenant Know Your Rights workshops & exploring remote options for Immigrant Know Your Rights.  Please click here for important details about how to access services.

During this rapidly shifting situation, we know we can anticipate continued and greater disruptions to our daily lives. While we honor and make space for the range of emotional responses, we will make shifts in our work based on regular and grounded assessments. The SF Dept. of Public Health and the Alameda County Public Health Department will continue to be an important source for information and guidelines.

This global public health crisis shines a light on how inextricably connected we are to each other. We are safer, healthier and more free when we build power together.  Read more here about ways you can support.

Collectively we can work towards a vision of what is possible — one that uplifts human rights and dignity. We must never lose hope, nor lose the vision of a better world for us all.

Yours in Love & Justice

Vanessa Moses, Executive Director