Mobilize Against Displacement, Homelessness, and Skyrocketing Rents

Voters on both sides of the Bay have a chance this November to support critical local and statewide measures to fight homelessness and protect renters. These grassroots initiatives are being massively outspent by corporate landlords and the real estate industry, so we’re going to have to depend on people power to get the word out. Can you support with doorknocking, phone banking, and passing out literature? These are the measures that are at stake.


#YESon10 – Prop 10 – The Affordable Housing Act – is the BIGGEST statewide measure to protect tenants in decades. It will restore the rights of local communities to address the housing affordability crisis by repealing the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act. Costa-Hawkins prevents cities and counties from applying rent control to apartments built after 1995 or to single-family rental units and condos. It also protects a landlord’s ability to raise the rent to market rate on a unit once a tenant moves or is forced out.

San Francisco 

#YESonC – Our City Our Home – Is a bold plan to tax the richest corporations in SF to fund eviction defense, housing and services for our homeless neighbors.


#YESonY – Measure Y expands eviction protections to all Oakland renters in homes built before 1996, regardless of the size of their building and if their landlord alleges that they live on the property. Measure Y will protect over 8,000 tenants in duplexes and triplexes by closing a Just Cause eviction protection “loophole” that is being abused by speculators and bad-acting landlords.

Here’s how to plug in 

SF Spanish Language phone banks

Yes on Prop C and Prop 10 Spanish Phonebank
Date: Tuesdays & Thursdays from now until November 6th (18, 23, 25, 30 & Nov 1 & Nov 5)
Time: 5:00pm – 8pm
Location: Causa Justa, 2301 Mission St., 2nd floor
Come help us call our Spanish speaking communities! Food, training, and phone provided!

SF English phonebanking:

Yes on Prop C and Prop 10 Phonebank
100 Kansas Street between 16th and 17th for food, phones, friends and fun!
Date: Mondays through Thursday from now until November 1th
Time: 4pm – 8:30pm
Location: 100 Kansas Street
Come by for an hour or stay the whole time — food, training, and phones will be provided!

Yes On Prop 10 & C Mobilization – Lower Haight
Saturday at 10 AM – 2 PM

William Mckinley Statue
Fell St and Baker St, San Francisco, California 94117

Sunday 10/4, from 11:00am-2:00pm
Phone Bank & Visibility/Outreach (SF Tenants Union, 558 Capp St.)

Monday 10/5, from 4:00-7:00pm
Phone Bank & Visibility/Outreach (SF Tenants Union, 558 Capp St.)

ELECTION DAY Tuesday 10/6, ALL DAY! 9:00am-8:00pm
Phone Banking & Visibility (SF Tenants Union, 558 Capp St.)
(3pm important training for final GOTV door knocking)


Oakland Measure Y & Prop 10 Phonebanking

Yes on Measure Y & Prop 10 
Date: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Oct. 16-Nov. 1.
Time 5:30-8pm.
Location 2501 International Blvd in Oakland

Oakland Door Knocking
Door knock to get the work out on Prop 10 and Measure Y with Oakland Rising
Date: 11/3 10AM-2PM, 11/4 12-4pm, 11/6 12:30-4, 2-6, & 4-8.
Location: Oak Rising
570 14th St., Oakland