November 2020 Endorsements

San Francisco Endorsements / Proposiciónes de San Francisco

(Courtesy SF and Oakland Rising)

Prop A – Health and Homelessness, Parks, and Streets Bond / Financia servicios críticos, parques y reparación de calles en respues- ta a COVID

Crafted to respond to the COVID crisis, this bond will fund critical mental health and homelessness services, parks, and street repair in our communities.

Prop B – Dept. of Sanitation and Streets, Sanitation and Streets Commission, and Public Works Commission / Aporta transparencia a Obras Públicas mediante la creación de una agencia de supervisión comunitaria
To increase transparency in city government, this measure brings community oversight over our Public Works and creates a new, non-police agency to focus on keeping our streets clean.

Prop C -Removing Citizenship Requirements for Members of City Bodies / Elimina las barreras de ciudadanía para participar en juntas directivas y comisiones de la Ciudad
This will allow every San Franciscan, regardless of immigration status, to serve on city boards and commissions.

Prop D – Sheriff Oversight / Establece una junta directiva para investigar a la oficina del Aguacil por mala conduct
Establishes a board and inspector general to investigate the Sheriff’s office for misconduct and in-custody deaths, and recommend policy changes. / Establece una junta directiva para investigar a la oficina del Aguacil por mala conducta

Prop E – Police Staffing /
Currently, San Francisco must hire and budget for a minimum number of police officers, regardless of whether they’re needed or not. This measure removes that requirement, and allows us to budget based on what the people need. / Significa que la Ciudad puede hacer cambios en el personal de la policía para aumentar los trabajadores sociales y la salud mental.

Prop F – Business Tax Overhaul / Implementa cambios fiscales equitativos
This proposal reorients our tax system toward recovery in our communities. It will strengthen small business, direct funding towards child care, early education, and homelessness, and implement equitable tax changes so the biggest corporations are contributing the most towards the future of San Francisco. / Implementa cambios fiscales equitativos para que las corporaciones más grandes sean las que más contribuyan. Reducirá el déficit presupuestario de la ciudad para el próximo año.

Prop G – Youth Voting in Local Elections
Young people have as much at stake in our elections as anyone- and they deserve to shape the future of our city. 16 and 17 year olds should be able to vote for school board, mayor, and all other municipal elections. / Jóvenes tienen mucho en juego en nuestras elecciones y merecen el derecho a votar en las elecciones municipales.

Prop H – Neighborhood Commercial Districts and City Permitting
In the wake of the enormous challenges posed to small businesses by the pandemic, this measure would streamline permitting and allow flexibility to keep our local merchants afloat. / Optimiza sistemas de obtener permisos para mantener a flote las pequeñas empresas

Prop I – Real Estate Transfer Tax
When someone- usually a giant corporation- sells a property for more than $10 million, they’ll be asked to contribute a little more toward emergency rent relief and permanently affordable housing. / Requiere que toda venta inmobiliaria mayor de $10M incluya una contribución para los subsidios de emergencia para el pago de la renta y viviendas asequibles permanentes.

Prop J – Parcel Tax for San Francisco Unified School District
This measure funds living wages for teachers and expands technology programs for students, while redirecting, not raising, parcel taxes. / Elimina la burocracia para que los impuestos prediales existentes puedan financiar las escuelas.

Prop K – Affordable Housing Authorization
A city acquiring, constructing, or rehabilitating affordable housing needs to be approved by voters- voting yes allows San Francisco the opportunity to engage 10,000 such properties. / Autoriza hasta 10,000 unidades de vivienda social asequible.

Prop L – Business Tax Based on Comparison of Top Executive’s Pay to Employees’ Pay
If a CEO is paying themselves 100 times the salary of their average employee, it’s time they gave back. This measure will raise a gross reciepts tax on those inequitable corporations. / Este medido aplicará impuestos a las corporaciones si sus directores ejecutivos se pagan a sí mismos 100 veces o más el salario de su empleado promedio.

Prop RR – Caltrain Sales Tax
Caltrain, an essential part of our public transit network, will become cleaner, faster, greener, more affordable and accessible if this one eighth cent sales tax is passed. / Caltrain se volverá más limpio, más ecológico y más asequible si se aprueba este impuesto sobre las ventas de 1/8 centavo.

Oakland Endorsements

(Courtesy Oakland Rising)

Measure QQ – Youth Vote in School Board elections
Allows Persons Aged 16 and 17, who would otherwise be Eligible to Vote under State Law, to Vote for School Board. Our young people are the most effected by the decisions of the school board, and they should have a role in who represents them. / Permite que jóvenes de 16 y 17 años voten por la junta escola

Measure  RR –  Remove limits on fines for ordinance violations
Eliminates a 1000 limit on the fines administered for violations of ordinances or the municipal code. / Remueve la multa máxima de $1000 por infracciones al códi

Measure S1  – Police Commission Charter Amendment
As the task force that the community won forms to cut the Oakland Police Budget by 50% next year, this measure would move accountability measures like the office of inspector general outside of the police department. / Fortalece a la Comisión de la Policía. Esta medida movería medidas de rendición de cuentas como la oficina del inspector general fuera del departamento de policía

Alameda County Measures

YES ✓ Measure  V – Continue Pitching In on Utilities In Unincorporated Area
Extends an existing tax on utility users in unincorporated areas for 13 years. Power companies should be paying these taxes, but continuing this tax is an important revenue source for the county. / Seguir contribuyendo con los servicios públicos en áreas no incorporadas

YES ✓ – Measure W – Fund Mental Health, Housing & Job Training
Establishes a half cent sales tax to raise $150 mil/year for 10 years for general public services. / Financia salud mental, vivienda y formación profesional

YES ✓Measure XBorrow Funds to Fund County Fire Department
$90 million bond for Fire Department / Pedir prestados fondos para el departamento de bomberos

YES ✓Measure Y – Borrow Funds to Repair & Upgrade School Buildings
OUSD Bond Measure
Yes, our schools need the funds but we need systemic change to our tax system that addresses these needs instead of continually adding bond measures to cover. / Pedir prestados fondos para reparar y mejorar edificios escolares

Statewide Ballot Measures

Prop 14 – California Stem Cell Research Institute Bond Initiative
This bond would continue funding that voters approved in 2004 to expand research on cancer, Alzheimers, and other conditions, and would build a working group to address affordability and access. / Este bono es una continuación de los fondos aprobados por los votantes para aumentar los estudios para encontrar la cura del cáncer y de otras condiciones médicas.

Prop 15 – Schools and Communities First
Corporations have been evading their share of taxes since the 70’s, and our schools, health care, and public services have paid the price. This initiative will close this gaping loophole, and make sure that Chevron, Disney, and others are contributing to the future of our state. / Recauda $12 mil millones cada año para el estado y $800 millones para las escuelas y servicios públicos de SF. La oposición quiere que pensemos que esto afectará a las pequeñas empresas y a los propietarios, pero la verdad es que afecta solo a las corporaciones más grandes y ricas, como Chevron, y asegura que paguen lo que les corresponde al estado.

Prop 16 – California Repeal Proposition 209 Affirmative Action Amendment
Prop 209 repeal (overturn the ban on affirmative action)
This measure affirms that race, gender, and ethnicity can be considered in hiring and admissions processes, and overturns the racist Proposition 209 which banned affirmative action in state institutions. / Afirma que la raza, el género y la etnia pueden ser tomadas en cuenta en el proceso de contratación y admisión y anula la racista Proposición 209 que prohibió la acción afirmativa en las instituciones estatales.

Prop 17 – California + Voting Rights Restoration for Persons on Parole Amendment
A “Yes” Vote allows individuals on parole to vote. Nearly 50,000 people who are on parole are currently denied their right to vote in CA. Voting yes will end this injustice, and allow those people to vote. / Permite que casi 50,000 personas que están en libertad condicional tengan derecho a votar en CA.

Prop 18 – California + Primary Voting for 17-Year-Olds Amendment
A “Yes” Vote allows 17-Year-Olds who will be 18 at the time of the next general election to vote in primary elections and general elections. This measure expands the ability of young people to vote in primary elections as their 18th birthday approaches. / Aumenta la capacidad de los jóvenes de votar en las elecciones primarias cuando están cerca de cumplir 18 años.

Prop 19 – California Property Tax Transfers and Exemptions and Revenue for Wildfire Agencies and Counties Amendment
NO ✗
wealthy homeowners who buy a more expensive house to pay lower property taxes, while disadvantaging younger or first-time homebuyers. Cuts into the public money we need for schools, health clinics, and more. / Permite que los propietarios de viviendas más ricos que compran casas más costosas paguen menos en impuestos de propiedad, poniendo en desventaja a los compradores más jóvenes y a quienes compran una casa por primera vez. Esto reduce el dinero público que necesitamos para escuelas, clínicas de salud y más.

Prop 20 – California Criminal Sentencing, Parole, and DNA Collection Initiative
NO ✗
After years of successfully reducing the prison population, undoing past wrongs of the criminal justice system, and redirecting funding away from incarceration, Prop 20 seeks to roll back that progress and go back to the tough on crime, racist, ineffective and expensive system of locking up more people for minor offenses. / Deshace el progreso logrado al asignar más fondos a educación y prevención y menos fondos al encarcelamiento. Aumenta la cantidad de personas encerradas en las prisiones.

Prop 21 – California Local Rent Control Initiative
Amends state law to allow local governments to establish rent control on residential properties over 15 years old. Current law prevents local goverments in California from implementing more progressive rent control measures- this initiative will allow cities to implement rent control for residential properties over 15 years old. / La ley actual evita que los gobiernos locales usen medidas para el control de la renta más progresivas –esto permite que las ciudades implementen controles de renta en las propiedades residenciales que tienen más de 15 años.

Prop 22 – California App-Based Drivers Regulations Initiative
NO ✗
Uber, DoorDash, and other tech giants seek to exempt themselves from abiding by minimum wage, paid sick leave, and other labor protection laws by passing this measure and re-classifying their employees as “independent contractors”, and they’re spending over $100 million dollars to do it. / Uber, Lyft y otros gigantes tecnológicos quieren reclasificar a sus empleados como “contratistas independientes” para evitar otorgar- les protecciones de trabajo, como salarios mínimos, y están gastan- do más de $100 millones para hacerlo.

Prop 23 – California Dialysis Clinic Requirements Initiative
This measure would require dialysis clinics to have licensed physicians on site and report infection data to public health officials. / Requiere que las clínicas de diálisis tengan médicos certificados y que reporten los índices de infección a los funcionarios de salud pública.

Prop 24 – California Consumer Personal Law and Agency Initiative
NO ✗
A sweeping measure that would create a new agency for enforcing privacy laws, it rewrite the Consumer Privacy Act, exempt some of the largest tech companies from appropriate oversight, and add burdens to low-income and people of color to protect their own personal information from being sold. / Vuelve a redactar la Ley de Privacidad del Consumidor, exime de supervisión a algunas de las compañía tecnológicas más grandes y es una carga para las personas que quieren evitar la venta de su información personal.

Prop 25 – California Replace Cash Bail with Risk Assessments Referendum


San Francisco Rising – A “yes” vote for this measure would implement legislation that shifted the bail system from one based on money to one based on a perceived “public safety risk”, a tool that would empower judges and potentially retrench the racial and economic inequities that exist in policing, prosecution and sentencing. / Reemplaza el sistema de fianzas en efectivo con un sistema basado en el potencial “riesgo a la seguridad pública”. Permite que los jueces tengan más poder y puede reforzar prejuicios raciales y económicos


Cash bail, a horrific system that keeps people in jail only because they are poor and keeps many Black and Brown people locked up, needs to end. However, this initiative puts forward a solution that would replace the cash bail system with one that applies a “risk assessment,” an algorithm that attempts to forecast whether someone is likely to end up back in jail and which is likely to reinforce the racial disparities in our jails. The “risk assessment” also puts more power in judges’ hands to keep people locked up away from their families while awaiting trial. Bay Rising Action has allies and partners on both sides of this issue: those who think that ending cash bail is the highest priority, and those who think the new system will have damaging consequences that will be harder to undo. Bay Rising Action is neutral on Prop 25. /

Las fianzas en efectivo, un terrible sistema que mantiene a las personas en la cárcel solo porque son pobres y mantiene encerradas a muchas personas afroamericanas y morenas, deben ser eliminadas. Sin embargo, la solución que sugiere esta iniciativa es reemplazar el sistema de fianzas por uno que aplique una “evaluación del riesgo”, un algoritmo que trata de predecir si es posible que alguien vuelva a prisión y tiene el potencial de reforzar las disparidades raciales en nuestras cárceles. La “evaluación del riesgo” también pone más poder en manos de los jueces para mantener a las personas alejadas de sus familias mientras esperan su juicio. Bay Rising Action tiene aliados y socios en ambos lados de este asunto, los que piensan que acabar con las fianzas en efectivo es una prioridad y los que piensan que el nuevo sistema tendrá consecuencias negativas que serán más difíciles de solucionar. Bay Rising Action ha adoptado una posición neutral hacia la Proposición 15.