Oakland Eviction Moratorium Fact Sheet

What is the Oakland Evictions Moratorium? The Oakland Moratorium is currently the only real moratorium on evictions in the state of California. Here’s an overview of what it does: 1) It protects Oakland tenants from being evicted during the Oakland
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________________________________________________________________________________ PREGUNTAS FRECUENTES SOBRE LA MORATORIA ¿Qué es la moratoria de desalojos de Oakland? La Moratoria de Oakland es actualmente una de las únicas moratorias de desalojo reales en el estado de California. Aquí hay una descripción general de lo
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How You Can Support During COVID-19

Renter Protections Silicon Valley Rising, along with allies sent a letter to all city council members in Santa Clara County, asking them to join with San Jose to immediately enact strong paid sick leave ordinances to protect our public health—
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The High Court’s Egregious Public Charge Ruling

This ruling is an attack on our immigrant communities and rooted in hate. This act of hypocrisy is an effort by the administration and its nativist policies to limit immigration by any means necessary.

Oakland City Council Must #ClosetheLoopholes

Oakland’s housing affordability crisis is deepening inequality and forcing working-class communities of color out of the city. Rent stabilization is an essential policy tool to stop displacement and must be applied uniformly to duplex and triplex buildings. Oakland City Council
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Becoming A Country Of The Disappeared

We denounce the recent SCOTUS decision to roll back constitutional protections of due process for immigrants, stripping them of their legal rights and expanding the detention system.

Resources For You To Breathe Easier

Community! Air quality is continuing to deteriorate. Please wear a mask of at least N95 (P100 is best) quality anytime you go outside and stay indoors and near air purifiers if this is at all possible for you. Bay Area
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Building Urban Youth Power

By Hunter King Around the country, urban youth of color face big challenges – access to education and jobs, substance abuse, violence and an angry wave of white nationalism that is making attacks all too common. In early July, youth
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La habitabilidad de la vivienda y la salud

DECLARACIóN 23 de abril de 2016 El informe del departamento de salud pública del condado de Alameda encuentra una brecha económica creciente y mayores inequidades de salud para los residentes dependiendo de la raza y el lugar Las recomendaciones se
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Urban Shield No More!

The end of Urban Shield is a monumental victory and testament to a vision of Community Defense beyond policing.

Appreciating Two Movement Leaders

Espanol sigue Dear Causa Justa family: Two of our longtime leaders are headed in new directions. Dawn Phillips, Co-Director of Programs and Robbie Clark, Co-Director of Community Rights will both be transitioning out of Causa Justa. We feel honored by
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