No rent increases without jobs!

Help pass the Renters Economic Relief Measure on the June 8 ballot as Prop F!

YES on F Literature Distribution
Saturday, May 15, 10:00 AM
Justa Causa :: Just Cause
474 Valencia St. (at 16th)
San Francisco

Join Causa Justa :: Justa Cause as we get the word out to tenants about Prop F. Prop F—the Renters’ Economic Relief Measure—on the June ballot will give tenants who have been hit hard by the economic crisis the ability to delay any further rent increases until their financial circumstance has improved. We are going to be distributing literature door to door in the Mission District this Saturday, May 15. With just a few hours of your time, you can help keep people in their homes for months to come!

These days, renters are barely able to pay their rent and are in no position to pay further rent increases. Prop F assures that tenants who are either unemployed or have had wages cut by 20% or more won’t get their rent increased until they are working or have seen their wages return to normal. Without this relief, many tenants will loose their homes. There are just 3 weeks to the election! RSVP now by e-mailing at more information about Prop F, see