Ramirez Family eviction stopped for now


Margarita Ramirez

The day after a call to our supporters to help prevent the eviction of the Ramirez family there was a victory in what we hope is a series of victories to win in the fight to keep their home. The investor, EB Fund I, LLC., is wiling to wait for the family as they work with Bank of America on getting a loan modification. 

“We have to keep the pressure on the bank to make sure that they get the deed back from the investor and return it to the family,” says Robbie Clark, Housing Rights Campaign Lead Organizer for Causa Justa :: Just Cause. 

Thursday, July 7, we took our demands directly to the Bank of America branch in Oakland. We delivered a statement to the assistant branch manager Jenel Moore. She said she would look into it and then ushered Margarita Ramirez and members of CJJC out and promptly locked the banks only main entrance shutting off access to other bank patrons who tried to get in.


On May 5th, 2011, Bank of America sold the home of Margarita and
 Manuel Ramirez to an investment company, EB Fund I, LLC, whose purpose as stated on their website, is to “acquire REO and short sale single-family homes in Oakland, California.” The company then fixes the homes and re-sells to families at “market rates.”

“The company was already in contact in the bank,” said Margarita Ramirez. “The bank never told us : ‘You don’t qualify for a loan.’ They didn’t tell us what was happening.” Ramirez found out only after she saw people outside her home, looking around. The Ramirez’ waited 18 months to find out if they qualified for a loan modification. They never got an answer until after the home was sold to an investor.

The family has owned their home for almost 15 years. It is their first home. Lemon and orange trees shade the yard, guayaba plants, mint, oregano, all planted by the family. “It’s impossible that they want to take our home. A home that we’ve owned for so long,” said Ramirez.

Less than a month before, Bank of America told the Ramirez family that the
 foreclosure sale date of their home would be postponed until May 18, 
2011 to give the family more time to work on options to keep their 
home.  The bank sold the property almost two weeks early.

Stated Mrs.  Ramirez: “We waited 18 months to get a loan modification. Everytime I called the bank it was someone different,  I kept notes. In one day I called the Bank of America in Oakland. I had one page of different persons. Every person told me a different story. We didn’t know what to do.”

CJJC believes this sale is
 unjust. We will not stand by and allow Bank of America’s
 mistakes continue to evict families.

Keep the pressure on B of A to get the deed back and get a loan modification for the Ramirez family.

You can help by calling Bank of America.

Call Tammy Cameron, Workout Specialist and  ask to speak to her manager
 Vladislav Kim

Direct telephone is: 213-345-2678

Here’s what to say:

Hi, my name is _______
I’m a member/volunteer/supporter of Causa Justa:: Just Cause and I’m
calling on behalf of the Ramirez family loan # 148748485 who live at
2586 63rd Ave, Oakland, CA to demand that Bank of America contact the
investor to retrieve the deed for the Ramirez family’s home and work
with the family to modify their loan so that they can stay in their

Please leave a message, if you speak to someone directly, they may not discuss the case with you, but be sure to get out the demand before hanging up.

If they ask you what you think they should do next, tell them to
retrieve the deed!

For more information contact Robbie Clark, Housing Rights Campaign Lead Organizer at robbie@cjjc.org
or call  510 763 5877 x 404