Stop Eviction of These 2 Mission District Families

Maria Maldonado

Maria Maldonado

Today, September 28, seven tenants which include their four children, two of whom attend Cesar Chavez elementary, and another who attends Lincoln High school, are facing eviction from their Mission district home and we’re asking you, dear supporters, to call and email the sheriff’s department and the investment company that struck a deal with their master tenant if she moved and evicted her subtenants.
The numbers and emails will be listed below.

Here’s the story.

The seven subtenants have lived in their Mission district apartment for 13 years. They had no idea that their Master Tenant Juana Aguilar had agreed to $40K from Murphy Investments, Inc., if she moved out and got her subtenants out by August 31. Aguilar didn’t tell the subtenants that she had struck a deal with the investment company for $40,000.00

In June, two families, Maria Maldonado, her husband and their two children ages 7, 11 and Blanca Martinez and her teenagers, 15 and 19 were dealing with harassment from master tenant Aguilar who tried to illegally evict them. Uprooting the families from their home would be especially harsh because one of the children has a learning disability and another is developmentally disabled.

In fact, a letter of support from Catalina Rico, principal of Cesar Chavez states in part: “____ is a hardworking student who benefits tremendously from the stability the school provides in services for ___ disability. Please reconsider this eviction and take into consideration the upheaval that this would cause for a student who is beginning to shine and thrive.”

Over the years, the two families paid their rent directly to Aguilar. Murphy Investments, Inc. was aware that the two families lived on the premises and had accepted rent from them with the secretary confirming that Murphy knew they were tenants. When the two families found out what happened, they went to Murphy Investment to establish a direct tenant-landlord relationship at which point they were told by the secretary that this was not possible.

Juana Aguilar did not include my family or the Martinez family in any of the move out negotiations. Unfortunately, we realized too late that Juana Aguilar was undergoing an eviction. We were not given the opportunity to be part of the legal procedures,” says Maria Maldonado. She added, “My family and the Martinez family have lived here over thirteen (13) years. We’ve been excellent tenants – we paid our rent on time, did not cause any nuisance, and we respected the premises.

The families are asking that the eviction scheduled for today, Wednesday, September 28, 2016 be postponed or dropped.

Says Maldonado, “We cannot uproot our children. We do not have a place to move. As tenants who have lived in the premises for over a decade we are requesting that you give us time to move out and find somewhere to live, in the midst of this injustice.”

Supporters, we know and understand clearly the power of community and are asking you to make those calls and send your emails today! PLEASE FORWARD THIS EMAIL.

Here is the info and script:

Deputy Perez 

Dear Deputy Perez, Please allow these families to stay so that they can find a place to live with their children. We cannot allow two more Mission district families to become homeless. Keep these Mission district families in their homes! 

Office – 415.554.7226
Cell – 415.654.8647

Bart Murphy of Murphy Investments:

Bart Murphy, you negotiated with a Master Tenant who did not tell her subtenants about the deal you made with her. It is only just that you allow these families to stay while they search for another place to live. Better yet,

DROP THE EVICTION and establish a direct landlord-tenant relationship with these two families who have been living there over a decade.

Bart Murphy
Office – 415.648.4066