Taking Care of Mold: Victory for East Oakland Tenant

Tawonna Richards has been living in her East Oakland 2-bedroom apartment since April 2011. She lives there with her children ages 5 and 10. Tawonna came in to our housing clinic for help after the landlord refused to address severe habitability issues.

She had complained to the landlord that the walls and carpets in one of the bedrooms were infested with mold/mildew. Since moving there the family has been diagnosed with upper respiratory infections, allergies, and skin rashes proven to be from mildew deposits in the apartment.

CJJC counselor Princess Beverly wrote a letter that pressured the Landlord to remove and replace the infested carpets and exterminate the mildew and mold that surrounds the carpet and the walls. 

Finally, with a mold analysis report in hand, conducted from viable samples collected and sent to Pro-lab/SSPTM Inc.; and reminding the landlord that the family had been dealing with various respiratory health issues because of this mold and mildew, the landlord reluctantly came around. After all the evidence, he had no choice.

After originally refusing to address the habitability issues under pressure, the landlord finally came in and removed and replaced the carpet and had professionals come in and exterminate the unit.  Result? A healthier family. Victory!