The fight against displacement continues with recent wins on both sides of the bay!

HousingPoliciesAs the crisis worsens and working-class people are left without work, services are being cut and foreclosed homes are left vacant, our fight for housing and justice needs to be even stronger, with bolder demands. Last year, Causa Justa :: Just Cause fought alongside hundreds of families fighting to keep their homes in both Oakland and San Francisco.

In Oakland, for example, six families were displaced from their homes at 2755 74th Avenue after a police raid left the building uninhabitable. With our help, these families were able to pressure the bank to cover their hotel stay, make the necessary repairs, and negotiate rental agreements to move back into their housing. CJJC is now moving forward with more campaigns to organize neighborhoods and keep Oakland residents in their homes.

Meanwhile in San Francisco, CJJC fought to win more tenant protections against evictions. We were able to move forward city legislation to apply eviction protections to currently exempted units built after 1979 and to expand the ban of “owner move-in” evictions to protect tenants with children in the home. While we have made progress with these campaigns, our work on these policies will continue until we cement these wins for all of San Francisco’s tenants as well. For more information call Mariana at 415.497.9203 ext. 205, or e-mail