Transitions at Causa Justa :: Building on a Leader-Full Organization

It has been said that nothing is certain but change. And we’d like to tell you about some exciting changes.

New ED Vanessa Moses, (L), Former ED Mária Poblet, (R)

We are sad yet proud to announce the departure of CJJC’s founding Executive Director María Poblet who has served our organization since 1999 and has done so much to build our organization and to strengthen the national movement for social, economic and gender justice.

Causa Justa :: Just Cause was formed from a merger of two powerful organizations with a prior decade of success in advancing renters’ rights and immigrant rights.  Guided by the powerful vision and hard work of founding Executive Director María Poblet, together with founding Program Director Dawn Phillips, we are today a strong regional organization manifesting Black-Brown unity, queer leadership of color, and the intersection of common struggles across issues and geographies.

Our model of rights-based services, community organizing, leadership development and advocacy has won multiple local, state and national fights, and created a strong and loving community of low-income people of color speaking out and fighting for our rights.

Welcome Vanessa Moses!

Vanessa Moses

We are thrilled to let you know that Vanessa Moses was hired by our Board as our new Executive Director (effective March 31. )

Vanessa has 12 years experience with Causa Justa, leading our Housing Clinics, holding down CJJC’s Member Development programs, and many of our civic engagement campaigns. She has a special talent for supporting others to develop their leadership, while she also shines as a deep thinker, detail-oriented organizer and skilled manager. We are lucky to have her leadership in this next phase of Causa Justa’s evolution, as we fight back against national policies stripping our communities of rights and resources, making our local and statewide work all the more relevant and powerful.

We continue to count on the leadership of many other staff and members in Causa Justa’s daily work.  Several people are taking up new leadership roles and you will be hearing more from us as our campaigns unfold in coming weeks and months. We ask for your support in thanking Maria, and welcoming Vanessa.  And we thank you so much for your continued involvement and common struggle with Causa Justa::Just Cause.  Unity is Power :: La Uníon hace la fuerza