Two of our Members Need Help

ICE tracking deviceComrades, two of our beloved members, who have been together for 26 years, and both of whom have been members since 2009, need our help. They have marched alongside us at countless actions, donated food and drinks to our member meetings, and have participated actively in our Cafes, in  short they have contributed to our movement for social justice and have inspired us in little and big ways.

Now they are in need of our support! Causa Justa is taking action to be there in their time of need but we need your support moving forward.

Last Wednesday, ICE came to their SF home and took the husband away, He is now in Florence, AZ in a detention center. His wife had a tracker slapped on her ankle. She’s barely eaten in eight days and had to go to the hospital where she was diagnosed with anemia. Please click below for more information on how you can support them. Snra_Galo_5

It takes a village. Will you be part of it?

Click here to help.