Victory! Neighbors Stop Foreclosure!

Neighbors Stop Foreclosure and Win Loan Modification!

Causa Justa :: Just Cause has been working with families in Oakland through our weekly Foreclosure Prevention Group (FPG)  to assert our right to stay in our homes, fight foreclosures, and get the justice we deserve.  One FPG participant and her neighbors held a picket at US Bank in Downtown Oakland last Friday, March 5th to urge the bank will stop the sale of her home. The successful action saved De¹Weena’s Coleman’s home and forced the bank to agree to a fair loan modification package.

De’Weena’s family has been living in their East Oakland home and neighborhood for 51 years. Over that time, family members including De’Weena’s mother, have been active in numerous community struggles to improve Oakland. When the family’s home was threatened, neighbors and community members rallied in force to support the family who had done so much to help their city and community.

Over the last couple of months, neighbors and CJJC members have helped with calls, letter of support and then on Friday, with a great turn out to support the family’s right to stay!  De’Weena’s victory demonstrates once more that it will take direct pressure on banks to effectively fight the foreclosure crisis. This example shows that banks need to be  required in all cases to discuss just loan modifications if long time residents like De’Weena and her family are going to be able to stay in their homes.

Check out the channel 7 news coverage about the victory.  Lead story!


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