Victory: Wells Fargo dumps 75% of its private prison stock

We are thrilled to announce that years of public pressure that CJJC helped lead finally pushed Wells Fargo to change course.

The bank faces a re-certification hearing under the Community Reinvestment Act, and in preparation for that hearing finally got rid of the majority of its investments in private prisons /detention centers that turn a profit from detaining immigrants and people of color.

CJJC led the fight to include this anti-racist demand for prison divestment to Bay Area regional bank accountability coalition work. Many of you were there when we mobilized at Wells Fargo’s shareholder meetings for the past 3 years, and saw how we made this demand a strong and visible part of these actions.



Our Black and Latino members built solidarity with each other through the conversations about criminalization, and were leaders in this broader fight; connecting prison divestment to our ongoing work for housing rights and progressive taxation.

Thanks to all of you who supported this work, took direct action, closed your Wells Fargo bank accounts, and helped spread the word. The fight to put Big Banks in their place goes on, invigorated by this success!