Massive showing of community strength at Maximus Meeting


Article from Plaza16 Coalition

“Powerful beyond words” is how Rosario Cervantes described the experience of witnessing San Francisco teacher, Nancy Obregon speaking truth boldly to Maximus representatives, with each phrase enthusiastically echoed by some 350+ community voices in the room.

“I am a teacher. Born and raised in San Francisco. I’ve been teaching for 21 years. I’ve affected over a thousand children’s lives. And I can not afford to live in the community that I helped change! So you tell me how Maximus is going to help me!”

Deborah Gatiss reported, “afterward I thanked her . . . and I told her I was pretty sure she just changed everything.” [from].

The extraordinary moment—one in a series of so many extraordinary moments on the evening of March 4th at the Laborers Local 261 Union Hall—was caught on video by [] and had already logged more than 12,000 views on Facebook just two days later, when this post was published.  

Our community’s message was heard crystal clear that night, and has been reaching far and wide ever since.