Movement Building

Causa Justa :: Just Cause (CJJC) is committed to building grassroots leadership, developing our base and encouraging the active participation of our members. CJJC works to assure those who have the most at stake become empowered through collective struggle and dialogue to lead transformation in their lives and communities. CJJC’s leaders actively participate in decision-making around our work and benefit from our ongoing trainings and political education sessions. In this way, our members come to understand their connection to larger issues and a broader struggle for human rights and sustainability.

And since we can’t win the change we need alone, CJJC creates opportunities for our members to participate in national alliances and gatherings with thousands of other movement leaders. As an organization, we participate in growing national movement collaborations such as Grassroots Global Justice and the Right to the City alliance. Our lead members have also traveled to the United States Social Forum.

CJJC works to grow not only our organization but a whole movement. Unity is strength. And real strength comes from the people.