Familia Perez: Freddie Mac and B of A, you won’t take our home away!


By Antonio Venegas

The experience of the Perez family echoes with the stories of the over 40,000 foreclosures that have or are currently taking place in Oakland. The family suffered a loss of income when Andres Perez lost his job, after years of consistently and faithfully paying their monthly mortgage of $1646 to Bank of America. Despite repeated attempts Bank of America refused to give the family a fair loan modification. Instead they turned around and sold the family’s home at auction January 30, 2012. The family is continuing to fight to have the sale of their home be rescinded. Causa Justa :: Just Cause organizers met the Perez family during our summer outreach to families in foreclosed properties. We supported them in making their auction action a successful one and are committed to helping them pressure Freddie Mac and Bank of America to give back their home.