The Facts About the Budget

The Facts About The Oakland Budget

  • Projected Deficit for 2011-2013 is $58 million
  • Annual Budget for FY 2011-12 is just under $1 Billion
  • 58% of the budget are restricted funds
    • Streets, housing development, sewer maintenance, Measure DD improvements on Lake Merritt
    • These funds are collected from certain sources which has restricted spending: grants, fees, bonds, revenues
  • 42% of the budget is the General Fund
    • The $58 million budget deficit is in the General Fund
    • Police and Fire, libraries, senior centers and recreation programs, elected offices
    • These funds are collected primarily from property taxes
  • Less than 1% of the 9.75% sales tax goes back to the city
  • About 26 cents of every dollar of property tax goes to the city

Source: City of Oakland Website

The Facts About The San Francisco Budget

  • The budget for the fiscal year 2011-12 $6.83 billion
  • Budget deficit on $380 million from previous FY
  • City Funds can be divided into 3 categories
    • Governmental Funds- this includes the General Fund for discretionary spending
    • Proprietary Funds
      • Internal service funds- expense of good or services provided by one city department to another
      • Enterprise funds- included SFO, Water department, General hospital
    • Fiduciary Funds- resources held for the benefit of parties outside the city

Sources: SF Controller, San Francisco Examiner