Stabilize and Mobilize Fund

We are facing a global pandemic that will reshape life as we know it. We must be the ones to shape the outcome. The Stabilize & Mobilize Fund is an emergency fund to organize for the immediate safety of the most vulnerable at this moment.

Frontline communities – poor and working-class Black and Brown communities, immigrants and indigenous communities – who have been impacted first and worst by profit-driven corporate development decisions are now the hardest hit by the COVID 19 pandemic. The government continues to fail to provide an adequate safety net for vulnerable communities and it’s time we come together in solidarity to support each other.  

This fund is part of CJJC’s multi-pronged plan to grow solidarity for community rights, community control, and community ownership in this moment of crisis. We know we can’t just return to normal.

CJJC will stabilize our communities by connecting people to mutual aid support, keeping people housed, and protecting immigrant families.

CJJC will mobilize to not only defend our communities but to transform them and ourselves, as we advance demands that move beyond recovery and towards our vision for Community Futures where we can all thrive.

Stabilizing and mobilizing together is our best strategy to change the conditions of this crisis.
Can you join forces with us?
The goal is to raise $40,000 by June 1, 2020.

How will my support help stabilize our communities?

  • Outreach to vulnerable families to inform them of their rights as tenants during COVID 19;
  • Connect vulnerable communities access mutual aid support, emergency funding, healthcare, unemployment and other services;
  • Staffing rapid response hotlines for immigrant families in San Francisco and Alameda Counties; 
  • Tenant hotlines in San Francisco and Oakland

How will my support mobilize and build power?

  • Decarcerate Alameda and San Francisco County jails. Jails and prisons have been one of the hardest hit by COVID-19 and it’s a human rights violation to continue to hold people in unhealthy living conditions during this pandemic. CJJC will be focusing on Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County and 850 Bryant in San Francisco County; 
  • Organize and fight on a national level to cancel rent, mortgages and all debt during this crisis;
  • Make sure people are counted through the census so that we can ensure congressional representation and federal funding for working communities, which after the COVID 19 pandemic will be more important than ever.

What are some ways I can support at this moment?

  • Keep your existing commitment and double it.
  • Redistribute any money you’re saving from working from home, your tax refund, or any bailout checks from the government. 
  • Set aside a percentage of your income from your salary or inherited wealth to give back.
  • Become a monthly donor and give for the long term.
  • Organize family members to support at this time.

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