Join the Just Cause Sustainer Circle!


We launched a Sustainer Drive this summer to reach out to all the folks who love and support our work and to ask them to donate a manageable amount on a monthly basis to help sustain the on-the-ground organizing work we’re doing to fight for housing justice & immigrant rights. The Sustainer Drive will culminate in a Sustainer Celebration on August 25th when we’ll get a chance to honor and celebrate all the community members that help keep us going. We know that the future success of the organization will depend on consistent, reliable support from our communities and those who believe in the vision of Causa Justa :: Just Cause.

Join the Host Committee and organize your friends!

We are forming a Host Committee to help build momentum for the Sustainer Celebration. Join the Host Committee and help build the movement! It’s not a hugely time-intensive commitment, but it’s an incredibly meaningful role as we continue to build community support for our work as a merged organization. The first step is to become a Just Cause Sustainer yourself! From there, Host Committee members are responsible for signing up 5-10 friends to join them in becoming a Just Cause Sustainer and attending the Sustainer Celebration on August 25th. Join the Host Committee and receive a FREE CJJC tshirt! For more details, contact our new Grassroots Fundraiser, Laurene Francois, at

Let’s party!

We’re always looking for folks who would be excited about hosting a house party to benefit Just Cause. Do you already have something planned this summer that could turn into an easy way to give back to the community while partying it up? This could look lots of different ways (fancy cocktail hour, dress-up dinner party, backyard barbeque with neighbors, Labor Day celebration, board game night…) and we can offer you lots of support in generating an invite list, deciding on a theme, and explaining CJJC’s work to your guests. To talk through party ideas, please contact Laurene at

You’re Invited!

We are throwing a Sustainer Celebration on Thursday August 25th from 6pm-9pm in San Francisco at 518 Valencia Street.

Join us for delicious food, live music, and fabulous company as we honor and celebrate all the community members like yourself who help keep us going!

But first, become a Just Cause Sustainer! Click here (// to sign up today and help CJJC raise $10,000 through monthly contributions by the end of the summer.

Causa Justa :: Just Cause’s Sustainer Celebration takes place:

Where: 518 Valencia Street, San Francisco

When: Thursday, August 25th from 6:00-9:00pm

But first, become a Just Cause Sustainer! Click here (// to sign up today and help CJJC raise $10,000 through monthly contributions by the end of the summer.

By making a monthly financial contribution that we can count on, you will be helping us establish a consistent stream of income that will help pay for critical work that includes –

– Continued tenant rights counseling in Oakland and San Francisco… in the last year alone our counselors helped nearly 1,300  people protect their housing.

– Fighting foreclosures and preventing the displacement of low-income homeowners… people like Joan Phillips, a life-long East Oakland resident of over 50 years, depend on our support in taking on Bank of America and winning the fight to keep the home her parents left her.
– Passing critical immigrant rights policies… in the last year CJJC has been actively involved in the national and state-wide effort to push back against S-Comm, a federal program that turns local law enforcement officers into ICE agents. In San Francisco, Oakland and Alameda County we worked to pass resolutions that supported the TRUST Act a state legislation that would allow California to opt out of implementing S-Comm in our state.

– Supporting CJJC’s participation and leadership in numerous local, regional, state-wide and national coalitions and alliances… Regional Bank Accountability Coalition, 6 Wins Network, San Francisco Immigrant Legal and Education Network, Oakland Peoples’ Housing Coalition, Right to the City Alliance, California Calls, ACUDIR, Mission SRO Collaborative, East Oakland Building Healthy Communities, California Partnership, San Francisco Rising, Oakland Rising, Grassroots Global Justice, Oakland Climate Action Coalition and many, many more…

– Supporting working class immigrants, tenants and homeowners in knowing and exercising their rights, engaging in the economic and political processes that affect their lives and in building their own peoples’ organization …. Causa Justa :: Just Cause!

We would deeply appreciate a contribution of $10 a month to CJJC, but larger or smaller contributions are welcome as well. If you sign up before the Sustainer Celebration you will receive a special limited edition gift.

Sign up here (// to become a Just Cause Sustainer!  Then mark you calendar to join us for the Just Cause Sustainer Celebration on August 25th!

More info: or call

Thank you for your contribution to advancing the work of Causa Justa :: Just Cause.  ¡La Unión Hace La Fuerza! :: Unity is Power!