Aint no Border High Enough


Migration is a Human Right – New work, new shirt!

We’re headed to Washington in January to push the Obama Administration to enact the most pro-active immigration legalization possible. Our communities need an immigrant rights movement today more than ever: from de-linking immigration enforcement and local police, to ensuring young dreamers
have access to opportunity.

In the past year we, along with many allies, helped strengthen a more anti-racist approach to the work to pass local anti-detainer ordinances in Alameda and San Francisco.

We waged a ferocious campaign with our allies to pass the TRUST Act, and it successfully passed all the hurdles… until it reached the Governor’s desk where he vetoed it in an eleventh-hour decision. We were deeply disappointed but we responded to the veto that we would not be stopped and on Monday, December 3, re-introduced TRUST Act 3.0. now AB4.

This week Attorney General Kamala Harris told local law enforcement agencies that Secure Communities is optional and that the program has swept up too many people. It was her first public assessment of the program, which has been highly criticized by immigrant and civil rights groups since it has been in place since 2008. We now demand Gov. Brown to take decisive action to support and sign the Trust Act into law to ensure that this opinion can be realized in locales across California.

Wear or share this shirt, developed by DesignAction, for our grassroots fundraising project, Liberation Ink, to help keep the conversation going, and be part of changing the debate from blame and shame to dignity, self-determination, and resistance.

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