Job Openings

Organizational Mission

Causa Justa :: Just Cause [CJJC] builds grassroots power and leadership to create strong, equitable communities. Born from a visionary merger between a Black organization and a Latin@ immigrant organization, we build bridges of solidarity between working class communities of color. Through rights-based services, policy campaigns, civic engagement and direct action, we improve conditions in our neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area, and contribute to building the larger multi-racial, multi-generational movement needed for fundamental change.

Political Context

Causa Justa :: Just Cause was born on January 1, 2010, motivated by a vision of building grassroots solidarity between working class African American and Latino communities in the Bay Area. We believe that Black-Brown unity is foundational for the development of a vibrant grassroots movement, and that building that unity is crucial work, now more than ever as our communities face the worst effects of the political and economic crisis.

After the election of the Trump administration, Causa Justa :: Just Cause has been working towards a practice and reflection on Sanctuary Cities for the 21st Century.  The Sanctuary concept has been attacked and targeted by the right wing in this political moment. Rather than limiting the concept of Sanctuary to a policy of non-collaboration with ICE, the social movement left has the opportunity to reclaim and reframe Sanctuary, deepening its meaning as a frontline defense for our communities and broadening its impact as a strategy to build left populism in society as a whole.

Our work has its strongest impact at the municipal level, where civic engagement work, grassroots policy change and community organizing campaigns, and candidate work (which our organization does not do, but is important to note as part of the field we work in) intersect. Cities are our base of power, that can grow stronger and have statewide impact pushing California to the left which will have national significance.

Below is a list of job openings available with Causa Justa. Click on job title to access more information and to apply. 

Position Summary

The Oakland Immigrants Rights Lead Organizer will be a member of the Community Rights Team, which focuses on our Immigrant Rights, Youth Organizing, and Black Priorities Project work with an anti-criminalization and anti-displacement lens. This role works closely with Alameda County Immigrant Legal and Educational Partnership (ACILEP), serving as an ACILEP rapid responder and holding much-needed basebuilding education access for immigrant members of our Alameda County community. The Immigrant Rights Lead organizer will lead the Immigrant Rights Campaign in basebuilding and organizing efforts to expand educational, legal resources and social welfare services for immigrants in Oakland and Alameda County.

Position Summary

The primary role of the Associate Director for Community Rights Department is to provide political leadership, leadership development and supervision support to the Black Priorities Project and Community Rights Team, to advance our vision of Community Rights, engage the community in building intergenerational Black and Brown Unity and advocate for 21st Century Sanctuary and Community Defense.

We are seeking an Associate Director to lead our Black organizing work and help advance our intergenerational model. The Black Priorities Project (BPP) is a long term organizing project intended to invest resources and capacity into the question of how to build social, economic and political power for Black people in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Associate Director for Community Rights supports and shares leadership with the Community Rights Director of this department, which includes our Black Priorities Project, our Immigrant Rights, and Youth In Power programs. This position will report to the Community Rights Director.

Position Summary

The primary role of the SF Housing Rights-Based Services Counselor/Organizer is to support clients and members in fighting against gentrification and displacement. This position is a part of the Housing, Land, and Development Team, and the main functions of the role will take place within the team. The Counselor/Organizer will provide tenant rights counseling and case management, including maintaining and providing necessary follow-up with tenants using a Serve the People/rights-based model. The position also entails organizing community members through policy & community campaigns to fulfill our vision of housing as a human right.

The SF Immigrant Rights and Youth Lead Organizer will be responsible for supporting our base-building work and organizing campaigns for immigrant rights and youth justice in San Francisco. This organizer will create programs, trainings, internships and leadership opportunities for our youth leaders. This organizer works under the Community Rights team at CJJC, building community power against the criminalization of Black, Latino immigrants and youth community members.

Our ideal candidate has a strong grounding in youth organizing, curriculum development, and facilitation. In addition, they need to be effective in working and building with our membership and base, as well as coordinating other staff and working with a variety of external allies. Spanish/English bilingual capacity needed.

We are hiring for a full-time Tenant Counselor/Organizer to join the Housing, Land & Development team to provide counseling services to low-income tenants through our Tenant Rights Clinics, as well as organize working-class Black and Latinx tenants in Oakland and to help build a stronger movement for housing rights for all.

CJJC is hiring for the position of part-time, 30 hours a week, exempt Technology Coordinator. The Tech Coordinator works as part of the Administration Team, to build institutional stability, health and efficiency. They ensure the smooth functioning of technological infrastructure and equipment through being the main contact for daily technology-related operations of the organization for all CJJC offices (currently Oakland, Mission and Bayview); and works closely with the Operations Coordinator. The Technology Coordinator’s duties include daily technology support and coordination; investigating organizational needs and evaluating and selecting tools to meet them; implementing new tech systems to facilitate smooth operations; and managing relationships and contracts with technology vendors. This position requires working at CJJC’s three offices.

The primary role of the Tenant Rights Clinic Coordinator is to manage the day to day operations of both of our San Francisco and Oakland Tenant Rights Clinics and to fulfill our vision and goal of helping low-income tenants in Oakland and San Francisco remain in their homes. The Tenant Rights Clinics falls under the purview of the Housing, Land & Development Team (HLD). This position would be Lead staff within that team and is supervised by the HLD Director.