Housing Rights Campaign

Feel free to contact us with a  housing emergency or refer to our Tenant Services page HERE.

Our Housing Rights Campaign work is focused on fighting gentrification. We focus on policies, direct actions, base-building and coalition work to fight for resident decision making regarding development and pushing the government to prioritize housing and tenants’ rights. We build the power and agency of Black and Latino working class residents in an effort to stop displacement and assert our right to stay in our homes, our neighborhoods and our city.

Our housing rights campaign work has yielded a number of policy victories and advances in the fight to build tenant power and tenants’ rights in Oakland and San Francisco. One of our biggest victories for 2016 was the passage of Measure JJ-Protect Oakland Renters!

The Committee to Protect Oakland Renters thanks all of our amazing supporters and volunteers for making this victory possible. Many of you were with us from the beginning – collecting signatures and spending late nights at City Council meetings, knocking on doors, collecting signatures, making phone calls and more.  We are grateful to Councilmembers Rebecca Kaplan, Desley Brooks and Noel Gallo who fought for this measure from the beginning; and to Oakland community who showed up to the polls declaring that we need Measure JJ to stem displacement and the housing crisis.

This victory was years in the making as our broad coalition of housing advocates, labor unions, community organizations, and faith communities came together to find a solution that works. Measure JJ wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of our Coordinating Committee: Alliance for Californians for Community Empowerment, , Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Causa Justa :: Just Cause, Eastbay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy (EBASE); East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO); East Bay Asian Youth Center (EBAYC); Oakland Community Organizations (OCO); Oakland Tenants Union; PolicyLink; SEIU Local 1021; SEIU Local 2015; California Nurses Association (CNA).

In 2015, the housing rights campaign focused on building a regional movement to fight displacement. Tenants throughout the Bay Area are suffering from this housing crisis, and we will support the fights of working class tenant communities organizing to build power and pass policy throughout the Bay Area. Our top priority is the work against profit driven development. 2015 was the year we solidifed the foundation of a regional movement to demand development without displacement and to assert that the needs of existing residents drive development in the region. In SF, we will continued our role in the Plaza 16 coalition, and kept a close eye on changes to public housing. In Oakland, we continued with the community planning leaders program – a program specifically designed for resident engagement to stop displacement from the Bus Rapid Transit system being built along International Blvd. We also pushed the City to have a department tasked with tenants’ rights enforcement.

In 2014, we were at the forefront of fights to: establish a Rent Cap in Oakland; remove debt service — a provision that used to allow property owners with negative cash flow to pass on as much as 95 percent of their loan payments to tenants; and passing the Tenant Protection Ordinance – an ordinance that defines and outlaws landlord harassment and neglect. In San Francisco, we won the buyout legislation and the Ellis Act relocation ordinance, as well as pushed back the timeline for a proposed “monster” development at 16th and Mission. We’ve fought hard against the national real estate lobby in our Yes on G campaign, and although we lost at the polls, we won big as a movement. We deepened critical relationships, learned lessons about civic engagement, and provided a national example for taking on speculation and fighting back against gentrification and displacement.


Elder Fights Off Attempted 700% Rent Hike

After her husband died she received a rent increase of 700 percent — almost 9 times her current rent — which caused a tremendous amount of distress.

Building a Movement for Affordable & Healthy Housing

Renters are rising, organizing, and building a movement to win affordable, dignified, and sustainable housing for all. We know that only we can create a society where housing is not a commodity but a human right. On June 8, renters, organizers, and allies from the San Jose to Santa Rosa, Sacramento to San Francisco came […]

ACPHD Releases Report on Deepening Health Problems Among Oakland Children

Alameda County Public Health Dept. Report Finds Widening Economic Divide and Greater Health Inequities for Residents According to Race and Place Recommendations focus on improving gaps in the current system and on better alignment of policy, practice, and resources (Español ) Causa Justa applauds the Alameda County Public Health Department and their Healthy Homes Department […]

Fight for Real Rent Control Will Continue

Hundreds of renters, organizers and housing rights allies streamed into the Capitol Jan. 11

Appreciating Two Movement Leaders

Espanol sigue Dear Causa Justa family: Two of our longtime leaders are headed in new directions. Dawn Phillips, Co-Director of Programs and Robbie Clark, Co-Director of Community Rights will both be transitioning out of Causa Justa. We feel honored by the incredible contributions they have made to the growth of our organization and the movement […]

San Francisco Tenants Squash Evictions and Win 22k Rent Reimbursement!

Español sigue Bessy Wong, long-term tenant in the Mission, has been living in her unit with her family since 1994. The landlord recently renovated part of the building and then issued an Owner Move-In Eviction dated June 12th, 2017. CJJC supported the tenants by responding to the notice & invoking protections based on senior protections; Bessy’s parents are both […]

Longtime Bayview Family Fights off Second Eviction Attempt

(español sigue) When the Pelayo-Valenzuela family first came to San Francisco in 1996 they struggled to find decent and affordable housing. Norma and Faustino lived in expensive yet tiny studios, shared cramped units with other families while having restricted access to the kitchen and other essentials.”We worked day and night to survive,” says Norma. When […]

Tenants Get Keys To Their Restored Apartment But Not Without Strings

May 2017-Three years after being displaced when a fire roared through their apartment Trinidad Sanchez and her daughter Cindy Salazar and two grandchildren will be getting the keys to their restored apartment in the Bayview on Thursday where they have lived since 2007. It sounds like a dream come true but it isn’t. It turns […]

Office Closed/oficina cerrada Dec. 24th – Jan. 3rd

CAUSA JUSTA’S TENANT RIGHTS CLINICS WILL BE CLOSED FROM DECEMBER 24TH – JANUARY 3RD. During that time, no one will be available for walk-ins. If you have an Unlawful Detainer please note that you must respond within five days to avoid eviction. For help call these resources: East Bay Community Law Center at (510) 548-4040 […]

Victory! How Owner Move-in Reform will Affect SF Tenants

SF Examiner By Cynthia Fong, Housing Rights Committee of SF Owner move-in reform unanimously passed through the Board of Supervisors on July 18. This reform adds enforcement mechanisms to protect tenants from landlords who abuse OMI evictions and never intend to move in. Here is what this new legislation means for tenants and landlords: This […]