Midst of a Storm


Next week, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance launches the It Takes Roots to Change the System People’s Caravan from the RNC to the DNC.
Global Justice is taking 45 community leaders and allies from the US and Honduras.
Three of of our staff members, Leticia Arce, Gloria Esteva and Norma Pelayo will be joining the Caravan.
Each staff going must raise $300 towards airfare. We know it’s a quick ask but we’re hoping you will consider supporting their effort. 

Why we are going…..


Leticia Arce

“I am joining the caravan because we must unite and combat these dangerous times–this moment calls for us to be stronger and more united than ever.“ —Leticia Arce














Gloria Esteva

“I’m going because our caravan is reflecting the thirst for justice of our communities as working poor people of all colors.” —Gloria Estevez















“The wave of attacks on our communities of color, on immigrants, women & trans folks is why we’re mobilizing with GGJ and the people’s caravan.” —Norma Pelayo












We believe at this hard moment it is more important than ever to draw on our collective roots across regions, borders, identities and issues, we must continue holding each other, moving forward, and demand the change our world needs. Will you help these 3 FIERCE women travel on the Caravan? Donate Here.  #ItTakesRoots


In addition Global Justice is honored that two members of Berta Cáceres’ organization COPINH (Civic Council of Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras) will be joining the caravan: Berta’s daughter Laura Yolanda Zuñiga Cáceres and Rosalina Dominguez Madrid.
Follow the People’s Caravan on social media for more updates!  #ItTakesRoots @ggjalliance