Help Me Keep My Home Of 40 Years

February 21st 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

Grandmother Annie B Attaway next to her daughter Carmelita Thurman. Photo: Courtesy Attaway family It is with great regret and a burdened heart that I write this letter asking for your support to keep my home. I am Mrs Annie B. Attaway, and I have lived at 2657 67th Ave in Oakland for the last 40 years. On January 25, 2012, my home was purchased for $121,000 by Robert Kramer of LM Fund LP, from Bank of America who was servicing the loan on behalf of Fannie Mae.

My once exuberant and joyous demeanor has turned to nervousness, agitation, and fear. I have begun to have anxiety attacks and fainting spells. The stress of having my home threatened is indescribable.

Ironically my home was paid in full. In 2008 when Countrywide contacted me by phone about a refinance I accepted the loan because I needed to make some repairs on the house. When I agreed to the loan they did not explain to me that they were going to falsify my income so that I could qualify. Nor did anyone say that in 4-5 years my loan payments would increase so much that I would be forced out of my home. It didn’t take long before I fell behind in the payments.

My nephew, Wayne Rowland, stepped in to help me in 2009. He agreed to be an advocate on my behalf so that Bank of America could stop calling and harassing me. It was he who discovered that I had been victimized by predatory lending practices.

Wayne prepared and submitted a loan modification application in the hope that I could get a new, more affordable loan. I have requested a loan modifications six times. Each time the Bank has either made me an offer that was less my current monthly mortgage but still way higher than my income or turned me down, claiming that they didn’t receive all of the paperwork. Wayne also wrote letters, talked to the Bank of America CEO and the Alameda County Board of Supervisors requesting that they cancel the sale on my house.

In Waynes’ letters addressed to Bank representatives he addresses the fraud I have suffered. Bank of America representatives claim that they received a signed 1003 application form which disclosed my employment and income information from my tax advisor Mr. Nicolas Munoz from Professional Tax Services. On this form the Bank claims that I was a “party planner” and owner of a business called “Puttin’ On the Ritz”, all of which is patently false. The fact is that I have never given anyone permission to use my signature and I know now that I was a victim of predatory lending.

Although Wayne provided the Bank with information and proof to back up my story, Bank of America never sent anyone to further investigate the situation or even contacted him back regarding my case.

My beloved granddaughter, Aqueila, has also been a great support. She has twice organized auction actions to try and prevent the sale of our home, titled “Actions on Behalf of the Attaways”. She is still working hard with Causa Justa:: Just Cause to help us keep our home.

However Bank of America and Fannie Mae have shown no regard for our situation, and are still fraudulently trying to take our home.

Sadly on Wednesday, January 25th 2012, despite all of our efforts to stop the sale, an investor purchased the property. Since this happened the agents of LM Fund LP have put notices on my door and put a lot of pressure on me to vacate my home.

I AM HEARTBROKEN BUT NOT DEFEATED. I am joining hundreds of thousands of people like me who are saying “no one leaves” and I reaching out for support to help keep my home.

Please contact Aqueila by calling Nell from Causa Just :: Just Cause, at (510) 763-5877 extension 401, if you want to assist with our effort.

Thank you very much for your time.

Mrs Annie B. Attaway