What’s Next for the 99%: Mass Sit-In Set for April 24

Wells Fargo is scheduled to hold its annual shareholder meeting on Tuesday April 24th but we have decided to make that difficult for them.

Community organizations, unions, groups from Occupy San Francisco and Occupy Oakland, and everyday community members who are fed up with Wells Fargo, will hold a protest on April 24th and hundreds of people are expected to sit in, refusing to let the meeting happen.

Wells Fargo’s foreclosures have kicked thousands from their homes. The bank invests in private prisons and detention centers to support its profits. And after it amasses profits from these corrupt practices, Wells finds every way it can to avoid paying taxes so that it can pay its executives and shareholders top dollar.

The annual shareholder meeting is a pep rally for the 1% who own stock in Wells Fargo, to show off the profits being made and to elect the next Board of Directors for the institution.

This year things are shaping up to look different. Protest organizers will shut down down the meeting and hold their own meeting outside. Instead of a shareholders’ meeting, there will be a stakeholders’ meeting. All those who are being impacted by Wells Fargo’s practices will be invited to attend, to speak out and to propose resolutions for the future of Wells Fargo. The Occupy movement has helped to highlight the inequalities in society, and inspired thousands of people to action. While different from the Civil Rights movement, one similarity the current wave of activism has to its predecessor, is that it has moved people to step up their commitment to change and to put their bodies on the line.

The mass sit-in at Wells Fargo will be a chance for everyone who is inspired by this new movement to get involved.

For more information: Robbie Clark: robbie@cjjc.org,510 763 5877 x 404