Serve the People

Rights-based service provision is one of our core programs. We help individuals and families in our communities to know their rights, and use them to improve their lives. Every day, we give people legal tools and community-based support to defend themselves against foreclosure, eviction, discrimination and deportation. Every day we recruit from among these clients and add new members to our organization.

In 2010, we:

  • Launched a tenants rights clinic in Oakland that saw 450 clients in our East and West Oakland offices.
  • Celebrated 25 years of our tenants rights clinic in San Francisco and saw over 800 clients facing evictions, rent increases, repair issues and other landlord/tenant disputes.
  • Maintained an overall success rate of 70% resolving cases positively for clients.
  • Helped 80 tenants and homeowners fighting foreclosure through our Foreclosure Prevention Group in Oakland.
  • Conducted outreach to 3,000 residents of Single-Room Occupancy hotels, informing them of their tenants’ rights and connecting them with available local social services.
  • Informed over 400 community members about their rights when encountering ICE agents or in case of an immigration raid.