Due Process for all moves forward! Join us this Tuesday for a Historic vote!

Join us at the first vote of the Due Process for All ordinance by the full Board of Supervisors meeting this Tuesday September 24th @ 1:30 pm @ City Hall Room #250 (vote from last week was delayed)


As a result of all the powerful organizing, advocacy, and movement-building work our SF communities have been doing, Supervisor John Avalos  and seven other courageous Supervisors introduced the “Due Process for All”  ordinance on July 23.

On September 5 it was approved unanimously through the Neighborhood Services and Public Safety committee.

Last Tuesday, Sept. 17 more than 350 community members strongly urged the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to pass the “Due Process for All” ordinance. The Board decided to postpone the vote to consider a set of very narrow amendments to the broadly-supported measure.  

The proposed amendments would, under very limited circumstances, allow potentially unconstitutional immigration “holds” to keep people for extra time in the local jail.

We continue to urge San Francisco to champion Due Process for ALL, not just for some.  

We are hopeful that as we continue to engage community members in this process, the supermajority of co-sponsors on the Board will make sure that the ordinance remains a powerful challenge to the “Secure” Communities program by protecting all San Franciscans from abusive and likely unconstitutional ICE “hold” requests, including victims and
witnesses of crime.

We are reaching out because we need your presence on this next big step!

Join us at the first vote by the full Board of Supervisor this Tuesday September 24th @ 1:30 pm @ City Hall Room #250 (vote from last week was delayed)

We want to show the strong support for this policy, and voice that we believe our families belong together and no one should be denied their constitutional right to due process!

S-Comm has fueled the deportation of millions, separated thousand of families and has deprived our community members of basic due process rights. As the policy has moved forward there has been a request from a small minority that we amend it to exclude some community members, but due process is everyone’s right and we stand strongly against any efforts to further criminalize our community.

We’ll see you on Tuesday, only together will we bring about justice!

¡Cuando Luchamos — Ganamos!