Tenants Rights Tuesdays

This past Tuesday the Community and Economic Development Committee heard testimony from courageous tenants, Just Cause leaders, and allies who all spoke out in support of the Tenant Protection Ordinance (TPO) in Oakland.  Along with all the supporters were a lot of landlords and 2 major landlord groups – the East Bay Rental Housing Association and the Jobs and Housing Coalition, who came out in opposition to the TPO. The council delayed the debate on the TPO and are continuing it to Tuesday, October 14th for the debate and vote.  

This Tuesday, is a major CALL-IN day to tell the City Council loud and clear that we need them to pass the TPO and not to water it down.

Please pick up the phone call the following councilmembers (in this order if you dont have much time) :

Rebecca Kaplan (At-large rep)  (510) 238-7008    atlarge@oaklandnet.com   

Libby Schaaf (District 4)   (510) 238-7004  lschaaf@oaklandnet.com   

Noel Gallo (District 5)  (510) 238-7005  ngallo@oaklandnet.com    

Desley Brooks (District 6) (510) 238-7006   dbrooks@oaklandnet.com  

Lynette McElhaney (District 3) (510) 238-7003 lmcelhaney@oaklandnet.com   

Pat Kernighan (District 2)  ( 510) 238-7002  pkernighan@oaklandnet.com     

Dan Kalb (Champion – District 1)   (510) 238-7001  dkalb@oaklandnet.com 

Larry Reid (ANTI – District 7)  (510) 238-7007    lreid@oaklandnet.com    


When you call, give them this simple message:

Councilmember, I am calling to urge you to pass the Tenant Protection Ordinance to protect Oakland’s renters and families from displacement. 

We want the TPO to:

·      Apply to as many units as possible!  Don’t leave anyone out of these protections

·      Have civil penalties! This will be what deters bad landlords from using intimidation to push out their tenants

·      TO BE PASSED NOW! Do not let the elections or any other reason delay a protection that is needed today.

That’s it. You can add whatever you want. Tell them your story. Tell them why it is particularly important to you. But whatever you do, call today – It’s Tenants Rights Tuesday!



We will meet at the City Hall for the CED Committee’s debate on the Tenant Proection Ordinance

–       We are meeting at City Hall at 1:30pm to get seats and pack the chambers.

–       Will you speak in support of the TPO?

 if you spoke at the last hearing, you will not be able to speak again because the item is continued, BUT if you signed up and didn’t speak last time, you can still speak.

Tenants Rights Tuesday is at the Full Council! Tuesday, October 21st

–       We are meeting at City Hall at 5pm for a rally to get ready for the full council meeting, can YOU be there?