Movement Building

CJJC works to build a broad social justice movement that can wrestle our communities and this country back from big banks and corporations, corrupt politicians, and those that keep racism alive and well. As a merged, regional organization, we work to anchor and advance key efforts on housing and immigration statewide and nationally. We also support our allies on other issues and in other areas, in order to build the momentum of all of our efforts towards a just and equitable future for our people.

In 2010, we:

  • Served on the National Planning Committee of the US Social Forum, helping to organize that gathering of 15,000 progressives, and bringing 20 CJJC delegates to join the dialogues, workshops, and historic national grassroots convergence.
  • Sent a delegation of twelve to Phoenix, Arizona as part of a major national mobilization to oppose the anti-immigrant SB 1070 on May 29th.
  • Served as an anchor organization in the national Right to the City campaign to win housing and jobs for urban communities of color.
  • Mobilized nearly 100 people to a major mobilization at Wells Fargo headquarters in San Francisco as part of a national campaign to hold Wells accountable for their foreclosure practices and role in the financial crisis.